Goblins & Dungeons Mod

Goblins & Dungeons is based on games like Dungeons & Dragons. Within your world, you’ll find different structures like Camps and Keeps, inhabited by hostile Goblins. There’s a boss fight, and loot to collect.

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Goblin Camps

Goblin Camps are the first structures that you might notice spawning in your Minecraft World. There are 3 different types, which are the Small, Medium, and Large Goblin Camp.

Inhabiting these Camps are some different types of Golems. They’re not too difficult to defeat, as they typically have low amounts of health. There’s quite a bit of loot to collect too. You can search the Chests, or break the Urns to collect the loot inside.

Ruined Keep

The biggest structure provided by the Goblins & Dungeons mod is the Ruined Keep. Inside it are multiple rooms containing Chests and Urns filled with loot. However, it’s also the most dangerous, with all types of Goblins spawning here.

The Ruined Keep

It’s going to be hard to enter without triggering the bosses that reside here. The first is a mini-Boss, and it’s called the Ogre. Defeating the Ogre is going to be tough, as he’s also surrounded by lots of regular Goblins, and has 200 HP in total.

The Ogre

The Ogre can be found in the lower parts of the Ruined Keep. Annoyingly, it has quite a far-reaching attack range due to its long arms and deals quite a bit of damage per hit.

If you manage to defeat the Ogre, it will drop an Ogre’s Tusk, which can be brewed into a Potions of Ogres Might. This Potion gives -10% Movement Speed, but +3 Attack Damage.

Goblin King

At the top of the Ruined Keep, resting on his throne is the Goblin King. Once you get close to the Goblin King, he’ll become hostile. This boss is very fast-moving and small in size, making him difficult to hit.

The Goblin King

The Goblin King also has a Magic Wand, allowing it to attack from a distance. Although he only has 150 health, which is less than the Ogre. Every few attacks, the Goblin King will teleport around. Once killed, it can drop items like the Magic Staff or the Goblin Crown.


There are a few items obtainable with the Goblins & Dungeons Mod:

  1. Goblin Crown: When worn, causes all Goblins and Ogres to gain the Weakness II effect. All other hostile creatures will gain Weakness I. Detection range of Goblins and Ogres is also decreased by 50%. It’s dropped by the Goblin King.
  2. Ring of Health: Provides an additional Heart of health when worn in the off-hand slot. Found in the Ruined Keep.
  3. Ring of Stealth: Reduces the detection range of hostile mobs by 20% when worn in the off-hand slot. Found in the Ruined Keep.
  4. Ring of Experience: Each time experience is earned, gain an extra point when worn in the off-hand slot. Found in the Ruined Keep.
  5. Ring of Glory: Each time a mob is killed, health will be restored to the wearer when worn in the off-hand slot.

Goblins & Dungeons Mod Download

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