Galosphere Mod

Galosphere adds some new Crystals into Minecraft, aswell as Silver Ore. Unlockable is a new set of Armor, some Silver Bombs and small creatures called Sparkles.

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Crystal Canyons

Currently, Galosphere includes a single Biome, and it can only be found underground. This Biome is the Crystal Canyons, and it contains both Lumiere and Allurite, which are designed to complement the already existing Amethyst.

Crystal Canyons Biome
Crystal Canyons Biome

These blocks can be mined with a Pickaxe. Like with Amethyst, Shards can be obtained for these types of crystals, as well as their block form. You won’t find Amethysts spawning here, as they use vanilla generation.

Decorative Blocks

Amethyst, Lumiere and Allurite can all be turned into some decorative blocks. Firstly, there’s the standard form for when they’re mined. Then they can be polished, or turned into Bricks, with stairs and slabs being available.

Amethyst Decorative Blocks
Amethyst Decorative Blocks

Each crystal also has a Chiseled variant, and can be turned into a Lamp which acts as a light source. They’re also functional in the Stonecutter, to convert them into some different shapes.

Silver Ore

A new Ore is Silver Ore, and it’s required in many new recipes provided by Galosphere. To find it, search between layers -68 and 8.

Sterling Armor

A new set of armor is included with Galosphere, and it’s called Sterling Armor. It consists of a Chestplate, Helmet, Leggings and Boots, with Horse Armor also being available. To obtain Sterling Armor, combine Leather Armor with a Silver Ingot inside a Smithing Table.

Sterling Armor
Sterling Armor

This set of Armor has a new attribute which is explosion resistance, making any explosion more survivable. Wearing the armor will also stop you from sinking into Powdered Snow. Banners can also be attached, as long as the Helmet is equipped.

Silver Bomb

A type of weapon that can be crafted is the Silver Bomb. Crafting it requires 4 Silver Ingots and a Block of TNT, as shown on the recipe below.

Silver Bomb
Silver Bomb

Like the name suggest, it’s a bomb. When holding it, right click to throw the bomb. After a few seconds, it will explode damaging any nearby entities, and breaking parts of the terrain.


Sparkes are a small mob that can be found within the Crystal Canyons. There’s 3 possible variants which are Allurite, Lumiere or none, and to breed them, try feeding them Glow Lichen.


Crystal Clusters will usually emit particles. Though if they aren’t, a Sparkle will walk towards ones that aren’t and pollinate them, which causes them to start emitting the particles.

By right clicking a Sparkle with a Pickaxe, you’re able to extract the Crystals from their tail. This effect can be enhanced by using the Fortune Enchantment, which increases the number of Crystals received.

Galosphere Mod Download

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How to Install

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