First Aid Mod

First Aid brings an overhaul to Minecrafts health system, making it feel more RPG-like. The system itself is similar to games like Fallout, where each limb can take individual damage. When they do, the players will receive matching debuffs.

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About First Aid

After installing the First Aid mod, the first thing you’ll notice is that your health bar, above the hotbar has gone. Instead, it’s replaced with a character render, which will be in the top corner of Minecraft.

This render represents each region of your Minecraft character, including your Head, Body, Arms, Legs and Feet. Some other mechanics are removed too, like Health Regeneration, as it’s no longer required.

Health Window

To get started with First Aid, press the H key in Minecraft. You’ll see a quick tutorial, and eventually, a window similar to the image above. It shows each body part, as well as its health. If H doesn’t work, check your control settings in-game.

As a part of your body takes damage, you’ll receive some appropriate debuffs. As an example, falling from great heights might cause you to injure your legs and feet. So expect to receive debuffs like Slowness.

Whereas if a Skeleton hits you with an Arrow in the head, you might receive Nausea instead. Though areas like the Head and Body are more fragile, and you’ll die if these parts reach 0 hearts.

Healing Items

Some items are included with the mod which will heal you over time. Having a full Hunger Bar is no longer enough. Included with the mod is Bandages, Plasters and Morphine.

First Aid Crafting Recipes

When using Morphine, any debuffs that are active due to an injury will be removed for a few minutes. Using a Plaster will allow you to heal for 1 Hearts on an individual body part. Whereas using the Bandages will heal a body part for 2 Hearts instead.

To use Plasters or Bandages, right click while holding them. Then just select the body part you want to heal.

As you can tell, the aim of the First Aid mod is to make health in Minecraft more realistic and immersive. But there’s a sense of difficulty to it as well. So it’s recommended to use this mod on any Survival/RPG type playthroughs.

First Aid Mod Download


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How to Install

If you haven't already, make sure to install Forge for Minecraft. It's a simple process and takes just a few minutes. Once Forge is installed:
  1. Download the mod for your Minecraft Version. It will be a .JAR file.
  2. Take this file, and place it in the 'mods' folder of your Minecraft directory. If this folder doesn't exist, create it. The easiest way to access your Minecraft directory is opening the game, going to Resource Packs and pressing the 'Open Resource Pack Folder' button.
  3. Once it's inside the mods folder, run Minecraft with the Forge preset selected. The mod will be installed and can be played with in-game.