Feder’s Scarecrows Mod

Feder’s Scarecrows adds a Scarecrow into Minecraft, which can repel Zombies. But by equipping it with an Outfit, it can repel some different mobs instead, like Creepers, Skeletons, and the Enderman.

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To get started with Feder’s Scarecrows, craft a Basic Scarecrow from 3 Sticks, a Leather Tunic, and a Carved Pumpkin. They can be placed down like an Armor Stand, so they can face different directions.

Scarecrow Recipe
Scarecrow Recipe

This Scarecrow will repel any Zombies, causing them to run away if they get close. Therefore, these Scarecrows are probably best placed around a Village, to keep them safe.

Included with the mod are 3 different outfits, which are themed around the Ocelot, Guardian, and Wolf. They aren’t new Scarecrows, instead, they’re just added to the Basic Scarecrow, which can be done by right-clicking them with the Outfit.

They each have a recipe too, which you can see in the gallery above. If you equip a Scarecrow with the Wolf Outfit, then it will repel any Skeleton-like mobs, which can include Strays. Using the Ocelot Outfit will repel any Creeper-like mobs instead.

Whereas the Guardian Outfit can protect against all Enderman-like mobs. So maybe these would be most useful to bring to the End. But either way, they also make great decoration objects.

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How to Install

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