Farmer’s Delight Mod

Farmer’s Delight brings an expansion to Minecrafts farming and cooking system. It included lots of new food items, including Feasts, Wild Crops and Drinks.

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One of the first items you’ll want to craft is a Knife. These can be crafted from Flint, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite. Firstly, Knives can be used as a weapon, but they deal less damage compared to Swords, but have a higher attack speed.

farmers delight knife recipe
Knife Recipe

But they have some more useful uses. When killing a creature, you’re guaranteed to receive their secondary drop at least once. So this might be Feathers from Chickens, or Leather from Cows. They can also be used to obtain Ham from Pigs, and Straw from Grass. 

Later on, the Knife can be used alongside a Cutting Board to process ingredients, and create portions of food. Like with Swords, they’re able to receive Enchantments like Smite, Sharpness and Looting. There’s also a new Backstabbing Enchantment, which amplifies damage when striking targets from behind.

Straw & Rope

As previously mentioned, Knives can also be used to obtain Straw from grassy plants. They can be used to create items like Compost and Canvas, but also in creating Ropes. When deployed, Rope acts similar to Scaffolding, except they fall downwards, allowing players to safely ascend and descend. 

Rope Recipe

5 Ropes can also be used to create a Lead, which should help with herding animals early on into your playthrough. 4 Ropes can also be used to create a Safety Net, which can be fallen onto, completely negating fall damage.

Wild Crops

When exploring your world, you might come across new Crops, which grow in the wild. Wild Crop growth is biome dependent, so you’ll find these spawning all over the place. With them being so rough, you will only obtain one sample or seed from them.

Wild Crops

If you’re struggling to find these Wild Crops, then there’s other places to search. Try searching Chests, either within Villager homes, or in Shipwrecks. You can find Wild Cabbage, Onions, Tomatoes, Carrots, Potatoes, Beet, Rice, Brown Mushrooms and Red Mushrooms.

Cooking Pot

Once you feel ready to start making new meals, create the Cooking Pot from 5 Iron Ingots, a Bucket of Water, 2 Bricks and a Wood Shovel. The Cooking Pot needs a heated block underneath it, like a Campfire, Stove, Magma Block, Fire or Lava. You’ll know a Cooking Pot is heated as it will have boiling bubbles.

Cooking Pot

Inside the Cooking Pot interface are 6 slots for ingredients, and 1 slot for a container. Prepared meals will appear in the pot-shaped slot, and will be emptied into any added containers.

Types of containers that recipes will require are Bowls, Glass Bottles and Pumpkins. You can see all the available Cooking Pot recipes using Just Enough Items.

food recipe
A Cooking Pot Recipe

Some foods that can be created are Hot Cocoa, Ratatouille, Squid Ink Pasta, Beef Stew, Pumpkin Soup and even Dog Food.


Consuming meals prepared in a Cooking Pot will give effects like Nourishment and Comfort. With Comfort, you’ll still have passive health regeneration regardless of your hunger level, which will be very useful in boss fights where saturation is low.

Meanwhile, Nourishment will prevent players from losing both hunger and saturation from exhausting actions, such as running, jumping and attacking mobs. It also negates the hunger effect in general.

Farmer’s Delight also introduces both Dog Food and Horse Feed, which can be fed to your companions. These can grant effects like Speed, Strength and Jump Boost when fed to any tamed pets.


The Skillet can be crafted from 4 Iron Ingots and a Brick. Firstly, it can be used as a weapon, with it having an attack damage value of 7. However, it’s main use is as a portable cooking station.

When holding a Skillet, hold another uncooked item in your other hand. When near a heat source, you can hold the right mouse button, and the raw food will begin to cook in the Skillet.

Cooking With a Skillet

Alternatively, you can sneak and right click to place the Skillet down. If it’s above a heat source, then it can be used to cook foods. In its block form, the Skillet is able to hold a stack of items, and will throw cooked items to the side, like a Campfire would.


An item that you might want to use is the Basket, which can be created from 3 Canvas and 4 Bamboo. It acts similar to a Hopper, and will collect items that are thrown into it, with it having the same inventory size as a Chest or Barrel.

Basket Next to a Stove

So it’s a good idea to place Baskets next to cooking blocks like the Skillet, so they automatically collect your cooked foods. Unlike a Hopper, Baskets don’t have a method of transporting items between blocks.


There’s a few drinks that can be created through Farmer’s Delight, such as Milk Bottles, Hot Cocoa, Apple Cider and Melon Juice.

4 Milk Bottles can be created in a crafting grid. They work in most recipes that require Milk, and they can also be stored in a stack of 16, making them easier to store and carry. When consuming a milk bottle, a single random effect will be removed from the player. The effect can be either positive or negative, it’s completely random.

Hot Cocoa can be brewed in the Cooking Pot using Milk, Sugar and 2 Cocoa Beans, with a Glass Bottle for the container. When consumed, it will remove a single negative effect from the player, allowing you to keep the positive ones.

Apple Cider can also be created in the Cooking Pot, using 2 Apples and 1 Sugar in a Glass Bottle. It will grant the Absorption 1 effect for 1 minute when consumed.

Finally, there’s Melon Juice. This can be crafted from 4 Melon Slices, 1 Sugar and 1 Glass Bottle in a regular crafting grid. When consumed, it instantly restores 1 heart of health.


Stoves are an upgrade to the Campfire, and can be crafted using 4 Bricks, 3 Iron Ingots and a Campfire. As long as the top is clear, items can be added to the grill by right clicking it. The Stove is able to cook 6 items at once, and like a Campfire, no fuel is required.

Cooking on a Stove

One of the best uses for Stoves is for heating up either the Cooking Pot or Skillet. Stoves can be extinguished using Shovels or Water, and reignited with a Flint and Steel.

Cutting Board

The Cutting Board can be crafted with 4 Planks and 2 Sticks. It can then be placed down on a block of your choice. The Cutting Board is able to break down an item into multiple outputs. The best way to use it is to place the receiving item in your off-hand slot, and hold the tool in your main-hand.

Cutting Board

Items from the Cutting Board are swiped sideways, allowing them to be collected in the likes of Baskets and Hoppers. Tools that can be used alongside the Cutting Board are Knives, Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels and Shears.

Cutting Board Recipes

With a Shovel, Clay Blocks can be turned into Clay Balls, and Flint can be obtained from Gravel. Wooden items like Doors, Signs and Trapdoors can be broken down into Planks with an Axe. A Knife can be used to obtain Dyes from Flowers, or to portion foods, like obtaining Chicken Cuts from Chickens, or Cabbage Leaf from Cabbage.

Using a Pickaxe with the Cutting Board allows you to turn Stone into Cobblestone, or obtain Bricks from Brick Blocks, among a few other items. Or Shears can be used to retrieve the Leather from Leather items.


Feasts are large meals that can be placed in the game-world, similar to a Cake. Like Cakes, they also provide multiple servings to players. You might like them for decoration, or for just having quick access to food.


Currently, there’s 4 different Feasts included, which are the Honey Glazed Ham, Shepherd’s Pie, Roast Chicken and Stuffed Pumpkin. When they’re placed down, they all look 3D. You can take servings using a Bowl.

Organic Compost

Organic Compost is a new block, and has 2 ways of being crafted. Or you can occasionally find them in Villages, as Farmers will be experimenting with them. 

Over time, Organic Compost will become Rich Soil. The process takes a while, but can be sped up with sunlight, nearby water, and activator blocks like Mushrooms.

Organic Compost and Rich Soil

When a growable plant is placed on Rich Soil, it will have its growth randomly boosted, like it’s had Bone Meal applied to it. It can also be turned into Rich Farmland with a Hoe. This will be immune to mob trampling, and won’t unravel Melons or Pumpkins.


In total, there are 27 different food items that can be created inside the Cooking Pot with Farmer’s Delight. They are as follows:

  1. Squid Ink Pasta: Raw Fish, Raw Pasta, Tomato & Ink Sac in a Bowl.
  2. Baked Cod Stew: Raw Fish, Potato, Egg & Tomato in a Bowl.
  3. Rabbit Stew: Baked Potato, Raw Rabbit, Carrot, & a Mushroom in a Bowl.
  4. Bone Broth: Bone and a Mushroom in a Bowl.
  5. Cabbage Rolls: Cabbage and Raw Porkchop.
  6. Beef Stew: Raw Beef, Carrot & Potato in a Bowl.
  7. Vegetable Noodles: Carrot, Mushroom, Raw Pasta, Cabbage and Onion in a Bowl.
  8. Mushroom Rice: Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom, Rice and a Potato in a Bowl.
  9. Cooked Rice: Rice in a Bowl.
  10. Dumplings: Wheat Dough, Cabbage, Onion and Raw Beef.
  11. Fried Rice: Rice, Egg, Carrot and Onion in a Bowl.
  12. Vegetable Soup: Carrot, Potato, Beetroot and Cabbage in a Bowl.
  13. Mushroom Stew: Red Mushroom and Brown Mushroom in a Bowl.
  14. Stuffed Pumpkin: Rice, Onion, Brown Mushroom, Potato, Sweet Berries and Carrot in a Pumpkin.
  15. Chicken Soup: Raw Chicken, Carrot, Cabbage and Potato in a Bowl.
  16. Tomato Soup: 2 Tomato’s in a Bowl.
  17. Paste With Meatballs: Minced Beef, Raw Pasta and Tomato Sauce in a Bowl.
  18. Glow Berry Custard: Glow Berries, Milk Bucket, Egg and Sugar in a Glass Bottle.
  19. Dog Food: Rotten Flesh, Bone Meal, Raw Beef and Rice in a Bowl.
  20. Beetroot Soup: 3 Beetroot in a Bowl.
  21. Pasta With Mutton Chop: Raw Mutton, Raw Pasta and Tomato Sauce in a Bowl.
  22. Ratatouille: Tomato, Onion, Beetroot and Potato in a Bowl.
  23. Pumpkin Soup: Pumpkin Slice, Cabbage, Raw Beef and Milk Bucket in a Bowl.
  24. Apple Cider: 2 Apples and Sugar in a Glass Bottle.
  25. Hot Cocoa: Milk Bucket, Sugar and 2 Cocoa Beans in a Glass Bottle.
  26. Noodle Soup: 1 Raw Pasta, 1 Fried Egg, 1 Dried Kelp and 1 Raw Beef in a Bowl.
  27. Fish Stew: 1 Raw Fish, 1 Tomato Sauce and 1 Onion in a Bowl.


There’s lots of addons available for Farmers Delight, which can expand functionality with new foods and blocks. Some will add Nether themed foods, or provide compatibility with other mods like Alex’s Mobs or Abnormals.

Farmer’s Delight Mod Download

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