Extra Boats Mod

Extra Boats adds 3 new Boats to Minecraft. These allow you to carry Chests, Furnaces, and even 3 additional entities on your journeys across the seas. All these new Boats are also available in each type of Wood.

In a recent update, Extra Boats was renamed to Boatload.

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Chest Boat

The first new type of Boat is the Chest Boat. It can be crafted by placing a Boat and a Chest inside a Crafting Table.

Chest Boat
Chest Boat

There’s only space for one other entity inside the Boat. However, it’s great for taking exploring, or when moving home. At any time, players can sneak and right-click the Boat to access the Chest, providing them with 27 storage slots.

Furnace Boat

Next up is the Furnace Boat. Again, it’s easy to craft. Just combine a Boat and Furnace inside of a Crafting Table. It too can only hold 1 entity at a time.

Furnace Boat
Furnace Boat

You might assume this Boat allows you to cook food and smelt items on the move, but it doesn’t. Instead, you can sneak and right-click the Furnace while holding Coal, which will fuel it for 3 minutes.

When a Furnace Boat has fuel, it will have increased movement speed on the water. If the player is sitting in it while it’s fueled, then it will automatically move on its own too. More Coal can be added to further increase the fuel duration.

Large Boat

The final new item included with Extra Boats is the Large Boat. To craft it, place 5 Planks in a Crafting Table like you’re creating a regular Boat, but then add a Boat to the middle slot instead.

Large Boat
Large Boat

The Large Boat can hold up to 4 entities at once, 3 including the player. That makes it great for transporting animals to your base, or for just exploring with multiple friends. Although they’re a bit slower than regular Boats.

Sail Boat

There’s one final feature that’s worth mentioning. It doesn’t add a new item, but a new mechanic.

Sail Boat
Sail Boat

By right-clicking a Boat while holding a Banner, it will become a Sail Boat. The Banner will be attached to the back of the Boat, and it works with all the Boats included with this mod. It might be great for roleplaying so that you can become a Pirate, or represent a Clan.

Extra Boats Mod Download

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