Exotic Birds Mod

Exotic Birds adds over 30 new Birds into the game. They can be found spawning across all different Biomes, with them each having their own behaviors too. Some of the Birds can even be tamed and ridden, allowing you to fly through your world.

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Birds & Their Locations

Most Birds included with the Exotic Birds mod can be found spawning naturally within Minecraft. Only one, the Phoenix is unable to be found naturally, as it must be spawned from an Egg.

As each Bird has multiple species, the total number of Birds that can be found is over a hundred. Below, you can find each species of Bird, and the Biomes they can spawn in.

  1. Blue Jays: Forests
  2. Booby: Beaches
  3. Budgerigar: Jungles & Savannahs
  4. Cardinal: Forests
  5. Cassowary: Forests
  6. Cockatoo: Jungles & Savannahs
  7. Crane: Beaches, Rivers & Swamps
  8. Ducks: Rivers & Swamps
  9. Flamingo: Beaches & Swamps
  10. Gouldian Finch: Jungles, Mesas & Savannahs
  11. Gull: Beaches & Oceans
  12. Heron: Beaches, Rivers & Swamps
  13. Hummingbird: Flower Fields, Forests, Jungles & Savannahs
  14. Kingfisher: Rivers
  15. Kiwi: Forests
  16. Lyrebird: Forests
  17. Macaw: Jungles
  18. Magpie: Forests
  19. Ostrich: Deserts & Savannahs
  20. Owl: Forests & Taigas
  21. Peafowl: Plains
  22. Pelican: Rivers, Beaches & Jungles
  23. Penguin: Rivers
  24. Phoenix: Only hatched from a Phoenix Egg
  25. Pigeon: Rainy & Snowy Biomes
  26. Roadrunner: Deserts & Savannahs
  27. Robin: Forests
  28. Swan: Beaches & Rivers
  29. Toucan: Jungles
  30. Vulture: Beaches, Deserts & Mesas
  31. Woodpecker: Forests


Occasionally, Bird Eggs will spawn in the world, which can be picked up. These have a 30% chance of successfully hatching a Bird. On top of trees, it’s also likely that you’ll come across Bird Nests, which contain Mystery Eggs.

Exotic Birds Nest
Nest With Mystery Eggs

These can contain between 0 and 3 Mystery Eggs, which should be taken and added to your inventory. Currently, the Eggs are useless, and won’t have any functionality, as they need to be placed inside an Egg Analyzer.

Egg Analyzer Recipe
Egg Analyzer Recipe

An Analyzer can be crafted from 4 Iron Ingots, 1 Redstone Dust, 3 Glass and 1 Bucket. Inside, place Mystery Eggs in the top slot, and Redstone Dust in the bottom slot. After a few seconds, the Egg will be identified, and assigned a random species.

Egg Incubator Recipe
Egg Incubator Recipe

It’s also worth crafting an Egg Incubator from 4 Iron Ingots, 1 Bucket, 3 Glass and 1 Flint & Steel. Placing an Egg inside the Incubator alongside Blaze Powder will increase the chances of a Bird successfully spawning from an Egg. Eventually, you can increase the chance to 100%.

Bird Cages

The mod also includes Bird Cages, which there are 10 different variants of. Between them, the only difference is the design, as the changes are purely cosmetic.

Bird Cage Recipe
Bird Cage Recipe

One of the cheapest Bird Cages that can be crafted is made from 3 Iron Ingots, 3 Oak Slabs and 1 Stick. To use it, simply hold a Bird Cage, then right click on a Bird you want to capture. A Bird Cage can then be placed down for decoration, with the Bird inside. Break the Cage to release the Bird.


One of the rarest Birds that can be obtained is the Phoenix. These have multiple species, which are Cloud, Desert, Ender, Flame, Nether, Skeleton, Snowy, Twilight and Water.

The only way to obtain the Phoenix is through Mystery Eggs. You will want to place them in an Analyzer and hope for the best. If you do get a Phoenix Egg, make sure to place it inside the Incubator so that it has 100% chance of spawning.

Flying on a Phoenix
Flying on a Phoenix

When a Phoenix is in the game world, a Saddle can be equipped to it, allowing the player to ride it. By pressing SPACE and CTRL, players can ascend and descend, allowing them to fly throughout the world.

Exotic Mod Download

1.13.2No Release
1.17.1No Release

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How to Install

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