Eldritch End Mod

Eldritch End brings a minor update to the End dimension, introducing new biomes, armor, and creatures. The mod aims to introduce the Lovecraftian universe into the End while also being inspired by World of Warcraft.

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Terrain and Biomes

Currently, two new biomes are introduced by Eldritch End. These are the Hasturian Wastes and the Primordial Abyss. These blend nicely with the current theme of the End and don’t break immersion too much.

The Hasturian Wastes
The Hasturian Wastes

The Hasturian Wastes are a desert-like biome, with the ground comprising Hasturian Sand. Denders roam this biome, which is passive right now and won’t attack the player. They don’t drop anything, either, besides experience.

Also in the Hasturian Wastes are large rocks, which are made up of Spire Stone. These can be mined and turned into blocks, such as Stairs, and are also Polished to give even more design variations, such as Bricks. Etyr Ore blocks can spawn within these Rocks, allowing you to collect Etyr Ingots.

The Primordial Abyss
The Primordial Abyss

The Primordial Abyss’s second biome adds a forest into the End. Trees here are made up of Primordial Wood and give access to a new color of Planks. In comparison, the ground is made up of Abysmal Fronds.

Aberrations roam the Primordial Abyss. Unlike Denders, these are hostile and will attack the player on sight, dealing quite a lot of damage. When walking on Abysmal Fronds, they can heal 10% of their health and even apply corruption to the player. When killed, they drop their limbs, which don’t seem to have a use as of yet.

Etyrite Armor

Within the Hasturian Wastes, players can find Etyr Ore blocks, which can later be smelted to give Etyr Ingots. One of these can be combined with six End Stone to create the Etyr Updgrade Smithing Template. Then inside a Smithing Table, Netherite Armor can be upgraded using the Smithing Template and Etyr Ingots.

Etyrite Armor
Etyrite Armor

This will create the Etyrite Armor Set. The stats are the same as Netherite Armor, however wearing the pieces will also provide Corruption Resistance, which will help with survivability when fighting creatures from the Eldritch End mod.

Eldritch End Mod Download

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