Ecologics Mod

Ecologics aims to update Minecraft Biomes, making the game feel new and fresh. Throughout each update, individual Biomes will receive lots of changes, which might add new structures, creatures, foods, and more.

At the time of this post, 2 areas had received updates. These are the Desert Biome and the Beach Biome. This mod is worth keeping an eye on, as the developer has done great work so far.

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Beach Update

The first update from Ecologics brought major changes to Minecrafts Beach Biome. Firstly, there are new trees spawning, which is Coconut Trees. These can be chopped down to receive a new wood type, which can be useful for your builds.

coconut tree
A Coconut Tree

Occasionally, Coconuts will fall from these trees (or when you break their supports). When they hit the ground, they’ll likely turn into Coconut Slices, a new food item. When eaten, they act like Milk and will remove any debuffs on the player.

You’ll be left with Coconut Husk, which can be planted to make your own Coconut Trees. That’s not all Coconuts turn into though. Sometimes there’s a chance for a Coconut Crab to be inside a fallen Coconut instead.

Coconut Crabs
Coconut Crabs

The Coconut Crab is a new creature and is hostile to the player. They drop Crab Meat, which can be cooked. Or it can be placed alongside Coconut to make a delicious Tropical Stew.

Due to their hard shell, it might take a good few swings to beat the Coconut Crab. If you can remove their shell, then they’ll run in fear.

Another item that can be found on Beaches is Seashells. Combining 4 of these inside a Crafting Table creates Seashell Blocks and Tiles, which can be used for building.

Sand Castle
Sand Castle

Although a better use for them would be to create Sand Castles. These tiny structures are only 1 block high and wide. Their main purpose is to defend Turtle Eggs, as they can be placed to cover them, preventing Zombies from stomping on them.

Thankfully, Eggs will still hatch when inside the Sand Castle. Finally, there’s a new Beach themed music disc that can be found in Buried Treasure.

Desert Update

When it comes to Deserts, a new creature is added, which is the Camel. These animals should be added to Vanilla Minecraft, perhaps in a future Desert-themed update.

Camel in a Desert
Camel in a Desert

Like Horses, they can be mounted and will eventually become tamed. Once that happens, they can be equipped with a Saddle, allowing their movement to be controlled. They can also have a Chest added to them, for some extra storage on the move.

Camels can have 2 players riding them at once, making them the only creature in Minecraft to allow that mechanic. They are useful to have, especially when playing with friends. Food-wise, Camels eat Dead Bushes and Ferns.

Prickly Pear
Prickly Pear

Speaking of foods, Prickly Pear will now grow atop Cactus. Eating it raw will deal damage to the player (as it’s prickly). Instead, cook it first. Prickly Pear can also be fed to Camels to breed them.

Desert Ruins
Desert Ruins

The final additions to the Desert are small ruins, which add more immersion to the Biome. If you come across a Pot, it might contain items. Though the only way to obtain them is by actually breaking the Pot itself. By sneaking and right-clicking a Pot, you can chisel it to change the design.

Snowy Update

In the Snowy Update, Penguins were introduced to Minecraft. These can be found spawning in different snowy and icy biomes.

Penguins in the Snowy Taiga

Often, they’ll group up and huddle together. If players stand near a huddle of 4 Penguins, they can receive the Regeneration Effect. They’ll also hunt and eat fish.

Penguins can be bred with fish, and they’ll lay an egg, which will stay by their feet. When a Penguin turns into an adult, it’ll shed its feathers which can be used in the creation of a Potion of Sliding, which lets you slide on the ice.

Thin Ice
Thin Ice

Another block you might notice is Thin Ice. Jumping or standing on Thin Ice will slowly cause it to crack, eventually dropping you into the icy water below.

Ice and Snow Bricks
Ice and Snow Bricks

The final change is the introduction of some new blocks. Using Snow and Ice, new Bricks, Stairs, Slabs, and Walls can be created.

Plains Update

The Plains update is mostly the same, receiving some very minor changes. Firstly, you might find Walnut Trees spawning throughout the Plains Biome.

Walnut Trees
Walnut Trees

These can be chopped down, giving a new decorative wood type. By destroying their Leaves, Walnuts can be obtained which can be eaten. So they act a bit like Apples from regular trees.


Squirrels are a new creature in the Plains. These can be tamed by feeding them Walnuts, which will cause them to trust the player.

By giving them Sapling items, they’ll go and plant them for you. Squirrels can also be bred by feeding them Honeycomb, as long as they’re trusting of you.

Ecologics Mod Download

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