Easy Villagers Mod

Easy Villagers adds an assortment of blocks into Minecraft, which makes interacting with Villagers a lot easier. Villagers can now be picked up, and placed inside containers where they can’t move.

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Villager Collection

The first feature included by Easy Villagers is that you can pick up a Villager. All you need to do is sneak and right-click on them, then they’ll enter your inventory. That way, you can place them down in the blocks provided by the mod, or in other structures.

Trader Block

The block that you’ll probably use most in Easy Villagers is the Trader Block. It can be crafted from 5 Glass Panes, a Redstone Dust, and 3 Iron Ingots.

Trader Block Recipe
Trader Block Recipe

To use the Trader Block, pick up a Villager and place them inside. If they don’t have a Profession, then a job site block can be placed inside, such as a Lectern or Smithing Table. When right-clicking the Trader Block, you can trade with the Villager stored inside.

With the Trader Block, you don’t have to worry about the Villager inside dying to Zombies or being insecure. It will also allow the Villager to restock outside of working hours. Alternatively, there’s the Auto Trader Block, which does the same thing.

Auto Trader Block Recipe
Auto Trader Block Recipe

Although it is a little bit different. When interacting with the block, you can choose a trade, and it will execute every time it becomes available. The Auto Trader Block also has support for Hoppers, so items can be placed inside and taken out.

Famer Block

Next is the Farmer Block. To craft it, you’ll need 5 Glass Panes, a Bucket of Water, 2 Iron Ingots, and a Block of Dirt.

Farmer Block Recipe
Farmer Block Recipe

When a Villager is placed inside the Farmer Block, it will automatically be transformed into a Farmer. You can right-click the Farmer Block while holding a Crop like Seeds to plant them inside. Even though it takes up 1 block of space, it will constantly give you grown foods.

Breeder Block

Breeder Blocks can be used to create new Baby Villagers. To craft it, you’ll need 5 Glass Panes, any Bed, 2 Iron Ingots, and a Plank.

Breeder Block Recipe
Breeder Block Recipe

Using the Breeder Block is simple. Place 2 Villagers inside that you’ve picked up, then right-click it to open the interface and place food inside, like Carrots. After a short amount of time, a Baby Villager will appear in the Output slots, which can be placed down in your world.

Iron Farm Block

The Iron Farm Block will give you a constant source of Iron Ingots. To create it, place 5 Glass Panes, 2 Iron Ingots, 1 Stone Block, and 1 Bucket of Lava on a Crafting Table.

Iron Farm Block Recipe
Iron Farm Block Recipe

When placed down, you’ll see a Zombie inside the Iron Farm Block. You’ll also need to add a Villager. Every 4 minutes, an Iron Golem will appear but will die in the Lava. The items it drops, like Iron Ingots and Poppy’s will be added to the Output slots of the block.

Easy Villagers Mod Download

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How to Install

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