Easy Piglins Mod

Easy Piglins makes trading with Piglins a lot easier. You’re able to confine them to a single block and barter with them, with it also being possible to automate the process.

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Pick Up Piglins

To start using Easy Piglins, you’ll need to actually collect some Piglins to confine. To do so, walk up to one, sneak and right click them. The Piglin will enter the players inventory, allowing them to be carried around.

Player Holding a Piglin
Player Holding a Piglin

You can place a Piglin down again by right clicking anywhere. Piglins can only be picked up if they’re not busy or aggressive, so make sure to wear Gold Armor.

Barterer Block

The only other item included with Easy Piglins is the Barterer Block. To craft it, place 2 Iron Ingots, 5 Glass Panes, 1 Gold Block and 1 Nether Bricks inside a Crafting Table, as shown below.

Barterer Block Recipe
Barterer Block Recipe

When the Barterer Block is placed down, Piglins which have been picked up can be placed inside. These are also able to be used across other dimensions, so being inside the Nether to trade isn’t a must.

Bartering With a Piglin
Bartering With a Piglin

Right click the Piglin to open the trade window. Inside the input slot, place your Gold items you wish to trade. After a few seconds, items that the Piglin trades you will be placed into the Output slot, and can be retrieved.

To ease the process, Hoppers can be connected to the Piglin, allowing Gold to be piped in, and traded items to be piped out. Removing a Piglin from a Barterer Block can be done by sneaking and right clicking them.

Easy Piglins Mod Download

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How to Install

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