Duckling Mod

Duckling adds 2 new Ducks into Minecraft, which can be found spawning naturally in the world. However, it also adds the Quackling, a fisherman Duck who can be traded with.

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About Duckling

To start, 2 new Ducks are added with Duckling. They don’t have any special mechanics, and can’t be tamed. But they look cute, and can mostly be found spawning in River Biomes.

New Ducks
New Ducks

These spawn as a White Duck and a Mallard. They’ll drop Duck Eggs, which can be used in recipes as a replacement for Chicken Eggs. It’s also possible to find Baby Ducks.


Another creature included with the mod is the Quackling, which looks like the image above. Although they can also spawn with a leaf on their head. To find a Quackling, try searching the Swamps, as that’s where they are. They’ll usually be sitting on a pier fishing.

Quackling Trades
Quackling Trades

Right-click the Quackling to trade with it. You’re able to buy items like Fish, Campfires, Fishing Rods, and Holiday Fruit Cake, among other items. Holiday Fruit Cake is a new item included with the Ducklings mod.

Duckling Mod Download

1.12.2No Release
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1.16.5No Release
1.17.1No Release

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How to Install

If you haven't already, make sure to install Forge, or install Fabric for Minecraft. It's a simple process and takes just a few minutes. Once your mod loader is installed:
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  2. Take this file, and place it in the 'mods' folder of your Minecraft directory. If this folder doesn't exist, create it. The easiest way to access your Minecraft directory is opening the game, going to Resource Packs and pressing the 'Open Resource Pack Folder' button.
  3. Once it's inside the mods folder, run Minecraft with the Forge or Fabric preset selected. The mod will be installed and can be played with in-game.