Doggy Talents Mod

Doggy Talents improves on Wolves in Minecraft, turning them into fully functional companions. You can change their breed, level them up, and teach them new talents which are useful when it comes to fighting and exploring.

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Converting a Wolf

To use the Doggy Talents mod, you’ll first need to convert a tamed Wolf into one of the Doggy Talents species. Craft a Training Treat from 3 Sugar, 3 Wheat, 1 String, 1 Bone and 1 Gunpowder.

Training Treat Recipe
Training Treat Recipe

Right-click a Wolf with a Training Treat, and it will be consumed. This process only works if the Wolf is already your own and it’s been tamed with regular Bones. You can then hold a Stick and right-click the Wolf to manage it.

Levelling up a Wolf

You can increase the level of your Wolf by crafting and feeding them more Training Treats. Regular Training Treats, which you crafted to convert the Wolf originally will allow you to level up the Wolf up to level 20. After that, other treats must be crafted and used:

  1. Training Treat: Allow a Dog to reach level 20.
  2. Super Treat: Allow a Dog to reach level 40.
  3. Master Treat: Allow a Dog to reach level 60.
  4. Dire Treat: Allow a Dog to reach Dire level 30. No further levels are available for your Dog.
Different Treats

As a Wolf levels up, its HP will be increased too. With the normal levelling system, a Wolf can have a maximum of 27 HP. Whereas a maxed Dire Wolf can have 30 HP instead. A wolf will gain a point of health with every other level up. Alongside gaining HP, Wolves will gain points, which can later be spent on Talents.


Talents are different abilities and mechanics that you can teach a tamed Wolf. You’re able to see all of the available talents, and level them up by right clicking a Wolf with a Stick.

Every Dog starts with 15 points, and more can be gained by feeding a Dog different treats as shown above. Each talent has a maximum level of 5, and 15 points are required to reach this level.

List of Talents:

  1. Bed Finder: While a dog with this skill is on your head, your bed will be highlighted in a black outline. To get the dog on you head right click on him with a bone in hand. The range at which it can do this is equal to 200 blocks per level, but becomes infinite at level 5.
  2. Black Pelt: Improves critical hit rate, which increases damage by 50%.
  3. Creeper Sweeper: A dog with this skill can smell creepers in the area, and if your dog isn’t sitting, it will growl to warn you. The range at which your dog can detect creepers increases by 6 blocks per level, and mastering this skill will make your dog capable of attacking creepers. Your dog will reset the creeper’s detonation timer with each attack.
  4. Doggy Dash: Increases your dog’s movement speed while chasing a target. Every level grants a 12% increase, and mastering it grants an additional 15% increase.
  5. Fisher Dog: Whenever your dog enters the water, it may catch a fish, which it will give to you when it shakes itself dry. The chance of catching a fish increases with level, and any points in Hell Hound may cause the fish to be pre-cooked. Mastering this skill lets your dog breathe underwater.
  6. Guard Dog: Increases the chance that your dog will completely block a physical attack.
  7. Happy Eater: Increases the NP your dog gets from food items by 10% per level. In addition, level 3 lets your dog eat rotten flesh, and level 5 lets your dog eat fish.
  8. Hell Hound: Lets your dog set things on fire with its attacks. The higher the level, the longer the fire lasts. Level 5 grants your dog immunity to all fire damage.
  9. Hunter Dog: Every level grants a 10% chance to make anything your dog kills drop its loot twice. Level 5 grants an extra 10%, bringing it up to a 60% chance.
  10. Pack Puppy: Each level gives your dog 3 inventory slots in its Pack Puppy GUI. To open the GUI right click on your dog while sneaking with nothing in your hand! At level 5, your dog will also automatically pick up any nearby items if it has space in its inventory.
  11. Pest Fighter: Inflicts 1 point of damage on all nearby silverfish at random. Increasing the skill level increases the range by 3 blocks, and mastering the skill doubles the damage.
  12. Pillow Paw: Every level lets your dog fall 3 more blocks before it starts taking damage. Mastering this skill makes your dog completely immune to fall damage, and also capable of floating/gliding when it jumps.
  13. Poison Fang: Your dog’s attacks will poison their target, and the poison’s duration increases with level. At level 3 your dog becomes immune to poison, and mastering this skill allows you to cleanse yourself of all potion effects, including poison, by right-clicking on your dog with a spider eye, at the cost of 30 NP.
  14. Puppy Eyes: This skill will cause your dog to warm the heart of any villager, prompting the villager to give you presents! Higher levels in the skill increase the quality of the random gifts. This can only be done once every two Minecraft days. Mastering the skill allows you to do this once every Single Minecraft day.
  15. Quick Healer: Improves the rate at which your dog heals without needing to rest. Max this out and your dog will be able to heal 50% faster by sitting.
  16. Rescue Dog: If you’re at critical health and a dog with this skill is following you, it will attempt to heal you half a heart per level in this skill, at the cost of 100 NP. Mastering this skill reduces the cost to 80 NP.
  17. Roaring Gale: Use the roaring whistle and unleash your dog’s inner roar! The duration of the stun effects and damage per roar will increase and the cooldown time before your dog’s next roar will decrease per level. Mastering this skill will set the cooldown time to 40 ticks (2 seconds), and the effect duration will be set to 70 ticks (3.5 seconds)
  18. Shepherd Dogs: Put the shepherds whistle in your hand, and any trained Shepherd Dogs in docile mode will rustle up some (amount based on level) nearby livestock making it easier to transport livestock long distances. This is tiring though, and costs nourishment points the cost is reduced with higher levels in the skill.
  19. Swimmer Dog: Allows you to ride your dog in water and it to breath longer underwater. Maxing it allows the rider to see easily underwater.
  20. Wolf Mount: This allows you to ride your dog at speed around the land. To mount your dog jump and right click on the dog with nothing in your hand. With each level it also increases the height your dog can jump. Beware NP points drain faster while riding your dog.


When interacting with a Wolf using a Stick, you’re able to change the texture of it to turn it into some different breeds. On the right-hand side of the interface is a ‘Texture Index’, use the + and – buttons to switch between different breeds.

Some of these look glitched, consisting of pink and black squares. This is intended so that you can create your own breeds and textures.

Reviving a Wolf

If a Wolf dies, it’s able to be revived using commands. These may require operator permissions on a server, or cheats enabled in a single player world. If you know the name of a Wolf, then enter the following command:

/dog revive byname <your name> <your dog name>

If you don’t know the name of your Wolf, then you can instead use the UUID. This can be retrieved by hovering over the Dog’s name in the death message.

/dog revive byuuid <your username> <your dog uuid>

Doggy Talents Mod Download

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