Direbats Mod

Dire Bats are a new version of Bats, which are much larger. Due to their sheer size, they aren’t afraid to fight players if they feel threatened.

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About Direbats

You’ll only find that Direbats spawn during a full moon in Minecraft. Searching caves will provide the highest chances of finding them, as they can often be found hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Direbat in a cave
Dire Bat Sleeping

If you find a Dire Bat hanging upside down, then try not to disturb them. Most of the time, they’re neutral unless they’re disturbed, which is when they’ll attack. Also, try not to expose them to light.

direbat flying
Dire Bat Flying in the Overworld

Players can kill the Dire Bat, and they can receive their Fang as a drop. When combined with 4 Arrows, you can create Dire Bat Fang Arrows, which will blind any target that is hit with them (from a Bow).

Direbats Mod Download

1.12.2No Release
1.13.2No Release
1.14.4No Release
1.15.2No Release
1.16.5Forge Fabric
1.17.1No Release
1.19.2No Release

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How to Install

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