Deeper And Darker Mod

Deeper and Darker expands on the recent Deep Dark update in Minecraft 1.19. It adds a new Dimension to explore, which contains some new Biomes, Structures, Mobs and even a new set of Warden Armor.

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Warden Drops

Wardens have received a slight change with the Deeper and Darker Mod. From now on, they’ll drop a ‘Heart of the Deep’ item, as well as ‘Warden Carapace’ when killed.

Minecraft Warden
The Warden

Before being able to progress with the Deeper and Darker mod, these items will need to be obtained. You can summon a Warden by heading to the Deep Dark Biome, and causing vibrations near sensors.

Opening a Portal

Portals can be found within Ancient Cities. They’re huge, and should easily be noticed as they reach quite high into the air. When first discovered, they won’t be activated. Players will need to obtain a Heart of the Deep from a Warden, and use it on the Portal Frame.

Portal to the Otherside
Portal to the Otherside

If the Portal doesn’t ignite, make sure there is no Sculk Veins on the frame. This Portal brings you to a new Dimension, which is called The Otherside. It’s a dangerous place, and it’s not recommended to enter without the best equipment, potions and weapons.

Warden Armor

A new set of Armor & Tools is provided with the Deeper and Darker Mod, and it’s the Warden set. These can be created by upgrading Netherite equipment with ‘Reinforced Echo Shards’, which are also provided by the mod.

Warden Armor Set
Warden Armor Set

A single Reinforced Echo Shard can be crafted by combining 4 Phantom Membrane, 4 Echo Shards and a Warden Carapace (which is dropped by the Warden) in a Crafting Table. Then apply it to Netherite in the Smithing Table.

This armor set is about as powerful as Netherite. Although the Knockback Resistance value is increased. Before entering The Otherside Dimension, it’s recommended to get a Warden Helmet, as it will allow you to see in the dark.

The Otherside

After entering the Otherside, you’ll find yourself in a hostile world made from Sculk. The most prominent mob that can be found here is the Phantom, which spawns very commonly. Though the mod includes new creatures like Sculk Snappers, Shriek Worms and the Shattered.

Phantoms in The Otherside
Phantoms in The Otherside

The Dimension is very dark, and is dimly lit by some blocks. Currently, there’s only 2 Biomes, and one of them contains Echo Trees, which is a source of Wood while in the Otherside.

Echo Tree
Echo Tree

There’s only one way to return to the Overworld, and that’s through the Portal that you originally used to enter the Dimension. It’s recommended to remember the coordinates of it. Otherwise, you’ll have to die.

Deeper And Darker Mod Download

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How to Install

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