Creatures From the Lush Caves Mod

Creatures From the Lush Caves adds a new mob into Minecraft, which is the Moss Walker. The mod is themed around the Lush Caves update, and also includes some new Moss-styled blocks and Horse Armor.

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Moss Walker

The only creature currently included with Creatures From the Lush Caves is the Moss Walker. You’ll mostly find these spawning in groups within the Lush Caves Biome. They’re 2 blocks high, and have long legs.

Moss Walker
The Moss Walker

Sadly, these can’t be tamed or ridden. Right now, their main use is to kill them, which will allow you to obtain Moss Blocks. Though by combining Moss Blocks with Wheat, you can create Mossy Wheat which will allow you to breed the Moss Walker.

Even though this mob doesn’t have many mechanics or features, it’s still nice to add some life to the Lush Caves Biome. Some users report hearing the sounds of the Moss Walker from far away, so keep that in mind.

Decoration Blocks

Moss Blocks, which can easily be obtained from Moss Walkers can be used to make some new decoration blocks. Specifically, there’s Moss Bricks, Stairs, Slabs and Walls, which could all be useful for creating a home in the Lush Caves that blends in with its surroundings.

Moss House
House Made From Moss

Moss Blocks can also be turned into Moss Block Stairs and Slabs, which are more suited for an outdoor appearance. Combining a Horse Armor with a Moss Block will allow you to create Mossy Horse Armor instead.

Creatures From the Lush Caves Mod Download

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How to Install

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