Cooking for Blockheads Mod

Cooking for Blockheads allows players to build a fully functioning Kitchen in Minecraft. It provides features like storing food, being able to see all available recipes, infinite water sources, and more. All while also being great for decoration.

Blocks of a Kitchen connect together. For example, storing Bowls in a Cupboard, and Beetroot in a Vegetable Basket will easily allow you to make Beetroot Soup.

Or having Cocoa Beans in a Refrigerator and Wheat in a Vegetable Basket will allow you to make Cookies. And that can all be done without having to enter a Crafting Table or move items around inside the inventory.

cooking for blockheads kitchen
Built Kitchen

The Cooking for Blockheads mod has support for other food-related mods, like Pam’s HarvestCraft. For further decoration, players can use Dyes on the Kitchen blocks, to further customize them.

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Cooking Table

The main block that players need to craft is the Cooking Table. It can be crafted from 5 Terracotta, 3 Stone/Granite/Diorite/Andesite, and a Cooking for Blockheads II Crafting Book.

Cooking Table Recipe
Cooking Table Recipe

Right-clicking the Cooking Table will bring up a new interface, where you can select what items you want to make. It will search all connected blocks, such as Cupboards, Vegetable Baskets, and Refrigerators for ingredients.

If no ingredients or connected blocks are found, then the interface will be empty. Ensure that all blocks are touching each other so that they’re connected. If your build doesn’t allow this, then craft Kitchen Floor Blocks, and use this as your flooring instead.

Cooking Table, with Recipes
Cooking Table, with Recipes

There’s also a search bar in the top right so that searching for items is possible. Select an item on the right-hand side once, to see its recipe in the left panel. Click it again to craft the food. Alternatively, full stacks can be crafted a time by holding down Shift while clicking.

Kitchen Counter

Blocks like the Kitchen Counter provide an immersive way to expand your Kitchen. However, they also allow you to store food items, which can later be accessed by blocks like the Cooking Table.

Kitchen Counter Recipe
Kitchen Counter Recipe

Right-click the Kitchen Counter, and an interface will open which looks similar to a Chest. There are 27 storage slots available, and any type of item can be stored. Although you should prioritize items like Foods and Bowls, that are used in recipes.

If you hold Shift and right-click the Kitchen Counter, then the door will open instead, without opening the interface. Then you can add items by simply right-clicking on them. Like other blocks, it can be dyed.


Using a Fridge is completely optional, it’s more for immersion purposes. Whether players choose to store items like Buckets of Milk or Raw Steak in a Fridge or Kitchen Counter makes no difference.

Fridge Recipe
Fridge Recipe

Luckily, Fridges are very easy to craft, only requiring a Chest and an Iron Door. Like the Kitchen Counter, they can be interacted with to see an inventory providing 27 extra slots. However, Fridges can be placed on top of each other, providing double the storage.

There are no special interactions with the Fridge. Although it would be an interesting mechanic if Minecraft had food spoilage, like in other survival games. Once again, you can apply a Dye to the Fridge.


The Oven is an important block, as some items require cooking before they can be made. Without an Oven, items like Raw Meat that you have in a Fridge can’t be turned into Cooked Meat.

Oven Recipe
Oven Recipe

It can be crafted using 5 Iron Ingots, a Furnace, and 3 Glass Blocks. Even though it’s used by the Cooking Table, it can also be used by the player to cook items. After interacting with it, players will find a slot for Fuel and Food. For Fuel, regular Coal will be accepted.


There are quite a few other blocks and items included with Cooking for Blockheads. Though the final one we’re going to cover is the Sink. And this one has some bonus functions.

Sink Recipe
Sink Recipe

When right-clicked with a Bucket, it will be filled with Water, acting as an infinite water source. However, it can also be used to remove the Dye from Wool and Armor, which is an interesting feature. If a recipe requires Water, and a Sink is connected, then the recipe will use Water from the Sink.

Cooking for Blockheads Mod Download

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