Chef’s Delight Mod

Chef’s Delight is an expansion to Farmer’s Delight, adding two new Villager Professions. These are the Cook, and the Chef, selling raw ingredients or fully cooked meals from the Farmer’s Delight Mod.

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About Chef’s Delight

After installing the Chef’s Delight mod, you can obtain two new types of Villagers: the Chef and the Cook. This mod is an add-on for Farmer’s Delight so it won’t work without it.

To convert a Villager into a Cook, they will need access to a Skillet. Likewise, to create a Chef, a Villager will need access to a Cooking Pot instead. Villagers with these professions can be found naturally spawning in some Villages in some new structures, which might spawn with other Farmer’s Delight blocks.

Chef's Delight Chef
Chef, in a New Structure

When right-clicking these Villagers, you can trade with them. A Cook is expected to make more simple food swaps, with light ingredients and meals. Whereas a Chef might sell more advanced items, including Feasts like Roast Chicken or Honey Glazed Ham.

Trading With a Master Chef
Trading With a Master Chef

They’ll also buy items from you, especially Raw Ingredients which brings an efficient way of obtaining Emeralds. Inside the new structures, you can find some other useful items and blocks, such as Cupboards, Cutting Boards, Stoves and Rope which can be collected.

Chef’s Delight Mod Download

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How to Install

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