Cataclysm Mod

Cataclysm adds some challenging boss fights to Minecraft, alongside some new items. These bosses can be found spawning in the Nether and End, in some large structures filled with loot.

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Soul Blacksmith

The Soul Blacksmith is the first location you’ll discover with the Cataclysm mod. It looks like a giant Forge/Smeltery, located in the Nether. Here, you’ll discover the Netherite Monstrosity Boss. You’ll know you’re getting close as the Boss Bar will appear.

There’s not much to see here, and as soon as you get close, the fight with the Netherite Monstrosity will begin. Be careful, as the Netherite Monstrosity has over 300 health and some different attack styles.


It’s able to launch fireballs, which cause lava pools to appear on the Blacksmith platform. It can do this 3 times before needing to recharge, which it does by sucking in lava. If it’s able to do that, then it will also heal.

Netherite Monstrosity
Netherite Monstrosity

When killed, it drops the Infernal Forge, a Hammer-like weapon. You can hold the Infernal Forge and right-click the ground to deal damage in an area of effect.

It may also drop a Monstrous Horn, which can be turned into a Monstrous Helmet. After reaching half health while wearing the helmet, nearby enemies will be knocked back, and you’ll gain a few resistance buffs.

Ruined Citadel

Inside the End Dimension, you can find the Ruined Citadel. It’s a large structure found on the outer End islands and is filled with hostile creatures like Shulkers and Endermaptera.

You have a higher chance of finding this structure if you fly around with an Elytra and Firework Rockets. Or you can use the /locate cataclysm:ruined_citadel command in-game.

Ender Golem

The first boss can be found below the Ruined Citadel, and it’s the Ender Golem. Instead of the main boss, it’s a mini-boss and has 150 health.

ender golem
Ender Golem

The Ender Golem can do 3 different attacks. It’s able to summon Void Runes from a distance or do Earthquake and melee attacks. Multiple Ender Golems can be found inside the structure.


After defeating it, you can receive the Void Core as a drop. When you right-click with this item, you can summon your Void Runes to use as an attack, and it has a short cooldown period.

Ender Guardian

After defeating the Ender Golem, you can dig through the ground to find the Ender Guardian, the next and final boss.

the ender guardian
The Ender Guardian

It has 4 different attacks, such as Uppercut, Gravity Pull, and more. So expect the Ender Guardian to damage you with both melee and ranged attacks.


After the Guardian reaches half health, its helmet will break, also halving the defenses.  When it comes to loot, it will drop the Gauntlet of Gourd. Hold this item and hold down the right mouse button to suck any nearby mobs towards you, like a magnet.

Cataclysm Mod Download

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