Bunker Down Mod

Bunker Down will cause you to spawn in an underground bunker when creating a new world. The mod encourages underground living, and after reaching the surface, you can explore to find more bunkers, which have different themes.

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Spawn Bunker

Different bunkers are included with the Bunker Down mod. Upon creating a new world, you’ll spawn inside a bunker which has some items and blocks which will help you survive underground.

Bunker Bedroom
Bunker Bedroom

There are 2 rooms, one which contains 8 Beds (for you and your friends), and a living area. From the Spawn Bunker, you can clear two blockages. One which will allow you to start exploring Caves, and the other which leads to the surface.

Typically, bunkers will spawn dozens of blocks underground. However, they have Ladders available which will allow you to head to the surface at any point.

Bunker Living Area
Bunker Living Area

Also inside the living area is a Chest. Inside, you’ll find Underroot Seeds, which can be planted on Dirt. Once grown, they can be harvested to give Wood in return, so you don’t have to go to the surface.

There might also be items like Potato’s, which can be planted on the already provided Farmland blocks to start growing your own food. Using the Brittle Wooden Pickaxe, you can start mining until creating an upgrade from Stone or Iron.

Other Bunkers

You don’t really have to reach the surface to achieve a lot of your goals. Other abandoned bunkers can be found scattered throughout the Overworld, containing different mobs or loot to collect.

Bunker With Animals
Bunker With Animals

Bunkers can be found containing animals like Sheep and Cows, giving a constant source of materials like Leather and Wool. Or there are bunkers that contain farms, Redstone mechanisms and more. After all, the aim of the mod is to survive entirely underground.

Bunker Down Mod Download

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How to Install

If you haven't already, make sure to install Forge for Minecraft. It's a simple process and takes just a few minutes. Once Forge is installed:
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  3. Once it's inside the mods folder, run Minecraft with the Forge preset selected. The mod will be installed and can be played with in-game.