Blaze Gear Mod

Blaze Gear adds some new Armor and Tools to Minecraft, which provide some special abilities. These items are made from Brimsteel Ingots, which can only be obtained after reaching the Nether.

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Brimsteel Ingots

To get started with the mod, you’ll need to craft Brimsteel Ingots. A single Ingot can be crafted from 1 Iron Ingot, 3 Blaze Powder, 2 Magma Cream, 2 Gold Nuggets, and 1 Ghast Tear.

Brimsteel Ingot Recipe
Brimsteel Ingot Recipe

As you can see, each Ingot is quite expensive. With so much Blaze Powder and Ghast Tears being required, you won’t be able to craft them until you’ve visited the Nether and defeated a lot of Blazes.

Brimsteel Armor

You’re able to craft a Brimsteel Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots. They can be crafted like regular armor pieces, so you’ll need to collect 24 Brimsteel Ingots to create a full set of the armor.

Wearing Brimsteel Armor
Wearing Brimsteel Armor

When wearing the set, you’ll have Blaze Arms spinning around you, with smoke particles emitting too, so you look like a Blaze. In total, the set provides 20 armor points.

You’re not immune to fire when wearing Brimsteel. However, you can stand on hot blocks, like Magma. Brimsteel is immune to Fire & Lava, like Netherite, meaning it won’t be destroyed if dropped inside of it.

Brimsteel Tools

New Brimsteel Tools will allow you to set entities on fire when attacked. Fire Aspect can be added to increase the duration that mobs are on fire. Mining flammable blocks will also be faster.

Although the best feature comes to the Brimsteel Pickaxe. When mining blocks, they’ll drop their smelted form. For example, mining Iron or Gold Ore will instantly drop Iron and Gold Ingots, removing the need for a Furnace. The same goes for a Brimsteel Axe, which will provide Charcoal from Trees.

Crafting these items is relatively similar to regular tools, except for the use of Blaze Rods in place of Sticks. So to craft a Brimsteel Pickaxe, you’ll need 3 Brimsteel Ingots and 2 Blaze Rods.

Blaze Gear Mod Download

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