Beyond Earth Mod

Beyond Earth allows you to create Rockets in Minecraft, and go into Space. There, you can explore distant Planets, discover Alien species and start setting up bases on other Planets, as well as build Space Stations.

It’s recommended that you use Just Enough Items for this mod, as it involves a lot of recipes.

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Create a Blast Furnace

To get started with the mod, you’ll need to craft a NASA Workbench. Inside this block, you can build the Rockets that you need. Crafting the NASA Workbench is a little complicated, as it requires Steel Ingots and Compressed Steel, neither of which exist in Vanilla Minecraft.

So instead, start by creating a Blast Furnace. These require 4 individual Bricks, 4 Brick Blocks and a regular Furnace. Use the image below as a reference.

Blast Furnace Recipe

Inside a Blast Furnace, you can add Iron Ingots, which will turn them into Steel Ingots over time. They also require Coal as a fuel source, like a regular Furnace does. The NASA Workbench requires 5 Steel Ingots, so get to work on that.

Create a Compressor

Later on, some of these Ingots need to be compressed, so a Compressor needs to be crafted. The Compressor requires 4 Steel Ingots, 2 Hammers, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Redstone Dust and a Furnace.

Compressor Recipe

Hammers can be crafted from 2 Sticks, 2 Iron Nuggets and an Iron Ingot. Unlike the Blast Furnace, the Compressor can’t be powered with Coal. Instead, it needs an actual power source that produces Forge Energy.

Read the next section to learn about generating power. Once the Compressor is powered, place Steel Ingots inside, which will turn them into Compressed Steel.

Generate Power

There’s two major options for generating power included with Beyond Earth. The first is with a Coal Generator, which converts Coal into energy. These can be crafted from 2 Iron Ingots, 4 Iron Plates, 1 Redstone Dust and a Furnace.

Coal Generator

The Coal Generator will create 2 Forge Energy per tick. And Iron Plates can be created by placing an Iron Ingot and Hammer in a Crafting Table. Alternatively, you can create Solar Panels.

Solar Panels will generate 4 Forge Energy per tick. However, they only work during the day, so you should keep that in mind. Or even create both, if you need to generate power during the night.

Solar Panel Recipe

To use these Power Generators, just place them next to the block you want to power. As long as they’re touching, energy will transfer between them. Or you can use Cables from other mods.

Build the NASA Workbench

Now that you’re able to create Steel Ingots and Compressed Steel, you’ll be able to build the NASA Workbench. It requires 4 Compressed Steel, 1 Steel Ingot, 2 Levers, 1 Redstone Torch and 1 Crafting Table.

NASA Workbench Recipe

Inside the NASA Workbench is 14 empty slots, in the shape of a Rocket. Inside is where you’ll add items to eventually build a Rocket, starting with Tier 1.

Build a Tier 1 Rocket

Using everything we’ve learnt so far, assembling a Tier 1 Rocket won’t be too complicated. A Tier 1 Rocket requires a Rocket Nose Cone, 6 Compressed Steel, 4 Rocket Fins, 2 Iron Tanks and 1 Iron Engine. All of these items can be created with Compressed Steel.

Tier 1 Rocket Recipe

In total, you’ll require 59 Steel Ingots, 15 of which need to be compressed. You also need 1 Redstone Torch, 2 Redstone Dust, 18 Iron Plates, 9 Iron Ingots and 4 Iron Nuggets. Once you have all of these items, assemble them in the NASA Workbench to receive a Tier 1 Rocket.

Build a Launch Pad

Rockets can’t take off from Grass Blocks, or any other regular blocks for that matter. Instead, they need to take off from a Rocket Launch Pad.

Rocket Launch Pad Recipe

9 Rocket Launch Pads can be crafted from 4 Steel Ingots, 4 Iron Plates and 1 Iron Ingot. Place these down in a 3×3 formation, and then place the Rocket on the center tile. You’ll now be able to sit inside, but you can’t take off yet.

Fuel the Rocket

To add Fuel to a Rocket, build the Fuel Refinery. The recipe requires 4 Steel Ingots, 1 Redstone Dust, 2 Buckets, 1 Iron Ingot and a Furnace. It also needs to be powered, either with the Coal Generator or Solar Panel.

Fuel Refinery Recipe

In Minecrafts Oceans, you’ll occasionally find Oil, reaching above the waves. With just Beyond Earth installed, you can simply collect Oil in Buckets. But with some other mods, you might want to pipe it back to your base.

Collect a few Buckets of Oil, the more the better. When you place Buckets of Oil in the Fuel Refinery, it will be converted into Fuel, which can then be collected with Buckets. Sneak and right click the Rocket, which should be placed down to add the Fuel.

What’s Next?

Before going into Space, you’ll need to craft the Space Suit and equip it. Build an Oxygen Loader, and add Buckets of Water to convert it into Oxygen. Place the Space Suit Chest in the Oxygen Loader to fill the tanks.

When you’re ready, get in your Rocket and take off by holding Space. Once you’ve left the atmosphere, you can choose a destination, like the Moon, Mars, Venus and more. There, you can find other Aliens, build bases and become the ultimate astronaut.

Beyond Earth Mod Download

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How to Install

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