Backpacked Mod

Backpacked, by Mr. Crayfish adds a single Backpack into Minecraft which appears on the player’s back. It’s highly customizable, with multiple styles to the Backpack able to be unlocked.

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Crafting the Backpack

To craft the Backpack, place an Iron Ingot, 2 String, and 6 Rabbit Hide inside a Crafting Table. You’ll receive the standard Backpack, which is brown, and looks like the image below.

Backpack Recipe
Backpack Recipe

This Backpack and all other variants of Backpack only have 9 extra slots by default. However, this can easily be configured, especially if you have the ‘Configured’ mod installed too, which is usually required.

Backpack in the New Backpack Slot
Backpack in the New Backpack Slot

In your inventory, a new slot is available which the Backpack can be placed into, so that it renders on the player’s back. What’s so great about this mod is that the additional slot means it doesn’t have to replace the Chestplate slot.

At any time, you can open the Backpack by pressing the B key. If that doesn’t work, then you need to go into your hotkey settings and change it, as there’s probably a conflict.

Backpack Customization

When opening a Backpack, you can press the ‘Customize’ button in the top right corner. It will take you to the screen below, where you can see each Backpack style available.

Different Backpacks
Different Backpacks

With the checkboxes at the top of this window, you can disable whether it appears with an Elytra, whether to show the Enchantment Glint and whether to show any extra effects.

On the right side is all the different Backpack styles. By hovering over them, you can see the challenge that needs to be completed before that style can be equipped. They are as follows:

  1. Classic: Already unlocked.
  2. Standard: Already unlocked.
  3. Bamboo Basket: Feed Bamboo to 10 different Pandas.
  4. Cardboard Box: Chop 1000 Logs.
  5. End Crystal: Beat the Ender Dragon.
  6. Honey Jar: Gather 20 Honey Bottles.
  7. Mini Chest: Find 5 Buried Treasure Chests.
  8. Piglin Pack: Explore all Biomes in the Nether.
  9. Rocket: Fly over 50KM with an Elytra.
  10. Sheep Plush: Shear 50 Sheep.
  11. Trash Can: Recycle food & plants in a Composter 100 times.
  12. Turtle Shell: Breed Turtles 20 times.
  13. Wandering Bag: Pickpocket 2 different Wandering Traders.

There is also an option available in the config files which will make all these Backpacks unlocked by default. So it will remove the challenge aspect from the mod. None of these Backpacks change the number of storage slots, only the design.


The mod also includes a pickpocketing mechanic. If another player stands behind you and right-clicks your Backpack on your back, then they can look inside and take items out. I guess it’s for you to decide whether this feature is useful or not.

Wandering Trader with a Backpack
Wandering Trader with a Backpack

The Wandering Trader will now spawn with Backpacks equipped too. If you’re lucky, you might be able to pickpocket them and steal some items. Although they’ll refuse to trade with you if you get caught.

Backpacked Mod Download

1.13.2No Release
1.17.1No Release

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How to Install

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