Arcanus Mod

Arcanus adds a magic system into Minecraft, seen in servers such as WynnCraft. Using the left and right mouse buttons, an assortment of spells can be cast allowing you to heal yourself, fight enemies or teleport away, provided you have a Magic Wand.

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There are 3 Wands included with Arcanus, but only one is craftable, and that’s the Initiate Wand. It can be crafted from 2 Sticks and 1 Amethyst Shard. When using this wand, any spells that are cast will cost 50% more Mana than usual.

arcanus wand recipe
Initiate Wand Recipe

An Initiate Wand starts with 0 XP, and each spell cast will increase the XP. Each spell gives its own amount of experience when cast. Upon reaching 2400 XP, the Initiate Wand will be upgraded into the Adept Wand instead, which makes spells cost a normal amount of Mana from now on.

Again, players will need to increase the amount stored in the Adept Wand from 3200 XP to 6400 XP to receive a Master Wand. Spells cast with a Master Wand cost 50% less Mana than usual.


Arcanus Spells aren’t able to be cast straight away, as they must be unlocked. In Vanilla Minecraft, Spell Books are guaranteed to be found in Libraries in both Villages and Strongholds. Although there’s a chance for them to spawn at Ruined Portals too.

arcanus spell book
Reading a Spell Book

Upon obtaining a Spell Book, it can be opened to learn how to use the spell, and what it does. Then it can be cast by following the casting pattern, with L meaning left-click and R meaning right-click.

These Spell Books can also be found in structures provided by other mods, including End Remastered, Repurposed Structures, Awesome Dungeons, When Dungeons Arise, YUNG’s Better Strongholds, and Mo’ Structures.

Arcanus Bookshelves
Arcanus Bookshelves

They won’t always spawn in Chests, as a new Bookshelf is included which can be searched, but also used to store your own Spell Books. Below is a complete list of spells currently available in Arcanus, and what they do:

  1. Lunge: R-R-R – Launches the player forward, dealing damage to entities that are collided with.
  2. Dream Warp: R-L-R – Casting this spell will teleport the player back to their spawn point, useful for dangerous situations.
  3. Magic Missile: L-L-L – Creates a fast-moving magic projectile that will damage any hit entities.
  4. Telekinetic Shock: L-R-L – Pushes a friend or foe backward with a lot of force, useful for clearing any nearby targets.
  5. Heal: R-L-L – Calls upon magical energy to heal the caster for a small amount of health.
  6. Discombobulate: L-R-R – Confuses any hit enemies, and can cause them to walk backwards giving time to flee.
  7. Solar Strike: L-L-R – Summons energy from the Sun dealing large amounts of damage and setting hit entities on fire.
  8. Arcane Barrier: R-R-L – Creates an area made from magical pillars which can keep enemies out.


Mana is a new attribute and is required to craft spells. Your current Mana can be seen just above the hunger bar, represented by blue circles. As spells are cast, the bar will deplete and will slowly refill over time.

Arcanus Mana Bar
Arcanus Mana Bar

Spells can be cast without Mana, but this should only be done in emergencies. Casting without Mana will cause you to have ‘Burnout’, and the Mana bar will become red. Get too much Burnout, and you’re going to die. The Burnout mechanic can be disabled in the Arcanus config.

One option to keep track of Mana is to create a Mana Flask by placing a Glass Bottle and Amethyst Shard into a Smithing Table. Sneak and hold the right mouse button while having a Mana Flask in your hand, and it will fill up.

You can then drink from the Mana Flask to make Mana regen faster. Using better Wands will also help with casting spells, as higher-tier ones will use a lot less Mana per cast.

Arcanus Mod Download

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How to Install

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