Aquamirae Mod

Aquamirae adds some lore-friendly locations into Minecraft. You’ll come across new Biomes, Structures, Bosses and more. As you progress through the mod, new loot can be obtained, including some armor and weapons.

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Getting Started

To get started with Aquamirae, you should search for the Ice Maze Biome. It can be found using commands, but has some pretty unique looking terrain, so should be easy enough to find naturally.

Ice Maze Biome
Ice Maze

Inside the Ice Maze is an assortment of structures, which have been frozen in time. Multiple camps can be found which are owned by Pillagers, with Ships also being found occasionally.

A Frozen Ship

Ships are going to be filled with hostile Pillagers, so you’ll need to try and defeat these. Then, you can enter the bowel of a Ship and steal any loot you come across, which might include Pirate Pouches, Fins, Emeralds, Iron Ingots and more.

Captain Cornella Boss Fight

A boss fight is included with Aquamirae, and it’s with Captain Cornella. To summon her, you’ll need to obtain a Shell Horn. Killing a Captain, who can be found on a Ship will drop the Shell Horn.

Pillager holding the Shell Horn

You’ll see a Pillager holding a Shell Horn. Once obtained, interacting with the Shell Horn will summon Captain Cornella. If nothing happens after blowing the Shell Horn, then make sure you’re standing near Water in the Ice Maze Biome, otherwise it won’t work.

Captain Cornella

Captain Cornella is a Ghost, so she’ll be able to levitate off the ground, and cast various abilities. During the fight, Captain Cornella will regenerate health, summon Drowned, hit you with negative debuffs and launch you into the air.

If you defeat Captain Cornella, you will receive items like the Three Bolt Helmet, Oxygen Tanks, Frozen Keys and Emeralds. Frozen Keys can be used to open any Frozen Chests you find in the Ice Maze Biome.

Equipment Sets

One of the first equipment sets you can wear is the Three Bolt Set. The Helmet can be obtained by killing Captain Cornella, whereas the Suit can be crafted, and only takes up the Chestplate slot.

Three Bolt Equipment

When wearing these items, players will have their Oxygen replenished if they run out. There’s also the Terrible Set, which can be crafted from Platinum, Angler Fangs and Fins.

Terrible Set

Wearing a half-set of the Terrible equipment will give the wearer 100% swimming speed. However, if you wear the full Terrible set, then the wearer will automatically poison any targets that hit the player.

Aquamirae Mod Download

1.12.2No Release
1.13.2No Release
1.14.4No Release
1.15.2No Release
1.17.1No Release

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How to Install

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