Aquaculture 2 Mod

Aquaculture 2 brings a huge expansion to the fishing system in Minecraft. There are lots of new fish to be caught, with some extra tiers of Fishing Rods that can be improved using Hooks and Bait.

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Fishing Rods

One of the first changes Aquaculture 2 brings is some new Fishing Rods. Alongside the Vanilla Rod, there are 4 new ones, which are made from Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Neptunium. All of their recipes can be seen on the slideshow below, and we’ll cover Neptunium further below.

These aren’t required to catch any of the new fish provided by Aquaculture 2. Instead, they only provide more durability, and the new Fishing Rods can be improved and customized using some of the mechanics provided by the mod.

Tackle Box

Another new item that you’ll want to craft is the Tackle Box. These are able to be crafted from 5 Iron Ingots, 1 Chest, 1 Block of Iron, and 2 Green Dyes, Kelp, or Algae. To use the Tackle Blox, place it down in the game world and right-click it.

Tackle Box Recipe
Tackle Box Recipe

Inside the Tackle Box, you can add your Fishing Rod (one of the new Aquaculture 2 ones), and then improve it by adding a Hook, Bobber, Fishing Line and Bait. These all provide different effects, including:

  • Fishing Line: Purely cosmetic, and can be dyed different colors to change the appearance of the fishing line when casting out your rod.
  • Bobber: Also cosmetic, these are the small items that float on the surface of the water. Like Fishing Lines, they can be dyed too.
  • Bait: When Bait is applied to a Fishing Rod, the chance and speed at which you catch fish will be increased. Bait includes Minnow, Leeches, and Worms.
  • Hook: There are lots of different Hooks which can be crafted and added to your Fishing Rod. Each one will provide unique effects, such as being able to cast a rod further, have increased luck or even multiple catches.
Inside the Tackle Box
Inside the Tackle Box

On the left hand side of the Tackle Box are some empty slots. Here you can add all of the items you mentioned above, for storage purposes and to stay organized. When your items have been added to your Fishing Rod in the Tackle Box, simply take it out again.


Currently, there are 9 different Hooks available. The Iron Hook will provide a 20% chance to not use durability. Gold Hooks give increased Luck. Diamond Hooks give a 50% chance to not use any durability instead. Light Hooks will cast the Fishing Rod further out. On the contrary, the Heavy Hook will cause it to cast shorter distances.

Double Hooks give a small chance to catch 2 things at once. Redstone Hooks increase the amount of time you have to reel in a fish. Note Hooks will play a sound when a fish is approaching. Finally, there’s the Nether Star Hook which has a 50% chance to not use any durability, and increased Luck.


Neptunium is the new material added by Aquaculture 2. It doesn’t have a recipe, as it can only be obtained from Neptune’s Bounty. This is a rare Treasure Box which you have a chance of fishing up, and you can increase the chances of finding Neptune’s Bounty by having the Luck of the Sea Enchantment.

Swimming in Neptunium Armor
Swimming in Neptunium Armor

From Neptunium, you’re able to craft armor and tools, both of which provide benefits when used underwater. When it comes to armor, Neptunium Helmet will give clearer vision underwater, and the Chest piece will allow you to breathe underwater. Leggings cause you to fall underwater, and Neptunium Boots allow you to swim faster.

Whereas when it comes to tools, the Neptunium Pickaxe and Shovel both have their mining speed penalty removed when breaking blocks underwater. Bows will be able to fire Arrows without them being impacted by water. And a Hoe will cause any blocks to be permanently hydrated when converting them into farmland.


One of the main features of Aquaculture 2 is all of the new fish that can be caught. They’re not just items, as you can also find these mobs swimming around within the oceans and rivers of your world.

FreshwaterSmallmouth Bass, Bluegill, Brown Trout, Carp, Catfish, Gar, Minnow, Muskellunge, Perch
AridBayad, Boulti, Capitaine, Synodontis
Arctic OceanAtlantic Cod, Blackfish, Pacific Halibut, Atlantic Halibut, Atlantic Herring, Pink Salmon, Pollock, Rainbow Trout
SaltwaterJellyfish, Red Grouper, Tuna
JungleArapaima, Arrau Turtle, Piranha, Tambaqui
SwampFrog, Leech, Box Turtle
Mushroom IslandBrown Shrooma, Red Shrooma
Twilight ForestStarshell Turtle

Lots of them can be collected in Buckets too for transportation or trading with other players. Using a Fillet Knife, another tool provided by the mod, you’re able to turn these fish into Fillets, later cooking and eating them.

Aquaculture 2 Mod Download

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