Top 10 Fabric Mods for Minecraft 1.17

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Minecraft 1.17 was recently released, and with it came the first half of the Caves & Cliffs Update. Within hours, Fabric was already updated and modders where hard at work updating most of their mods.

This list will take a look at the Top 10 Mods for Minecraft 1.17 using the Fabric mod loader. Of course these are personal preferences, and you might have ideas for mods that you think should make the list.

Any buttons below will link back to the CurseForge website, where you can download them. You’ll also require Fabric.

10: Cave Biomes

Cave Biomes will expand on Caves even more, adding over 25 new Biomes which expand below the surface even further. You’ll find Caves which are made from Grass, Ice, Cobblestone, Gravel and more. The terrain generation is also changed in parts, making Caves a lot bigger and much more interesting to explore. It also makes for collecting materials and ores a lot easier.

9: Straw Dummy

The Straw Dummy is a new item that can be placed down anywhere in your Minecraft world. It has infinite health and knockback resistance. When you attack it, a small indicator will pop-up, displaying the amount of damage you deal, making it great for testing your Weapons or Enchantments. The Dummy can even be equipped with armor, allowing you to see how effective your items are against some equipment.

8: Repurposed Structures

Repurposed Structures takes most vanilla Minecraft structures and creates new variants, depending on the biome they spawn in. As an example, heading into snowy biomes means that Outposts and Pyramids will be made out of snow and ice instead. It changes lots of structures, including Villages, Pyramids, Temples, Igloos, Mansions and more. The mod even adds new structures, like the Jungle Fortress and Nether Cities.

7: Carrier

Carrier is incredibly useful, as it allows you to pickup single block entities. This includes the likes of Chests, Furnaces, Cauldrons and more. Mods like this are great to use, as you can quickly transport a Chest as well as its contents to a location of your choosing, without having to break it. It also works for animals like Wolves, Pigs and Sheep so you can transport them between pens.

6: Winged

Wings are new items which are designed to replace the Elytra in Minecraft. They have many positives over the Elytra, with the biggest being that they don’t require the chest slot, as they are instead equipped outside of your inventory. Wings also have many different designs, with some looking like redesigned Elytras, and others being completely new designs overall, like the Mechanical Wings shown above.

5: Adorn

Adorn is the most popular furniture mod available for Fabric, adding lots of new content. You’ll find chairs and sofas, which can be connected together into your own shapes, as well as Tables, Cupboards and Drawers which can be used for storage. A lot of items can be interacted with too, as you can even sit down, making them great for relaxing with friends or solo.

4: Immersive Portals

The Immersive Portals mod takes Minecraft to a whole new level. When you activate a Nether or End Portal, you’ll notice that they’re now completely see-through, allowing you to see what’s happening at the other side. When a Portal is activated, they also remain active at all times, meaning you can jump in and out instantly without loading screens.

3: Falling Tree

Falling Tree allows you to chop down trees when you break a single block. Collecting Wood should not be much faster and easier. It doesn’t feel broken either, as your axe will still receive the same amount of damage. There are two different chopping modes, which are Instantaneous and Shift-Down, and you can switch between them in the configuration files.

2: Better Nether

Even though the Nether was updated in Minecraft 1.16, this mod makes it even better. You’ll find all-new biomes, plants, blocks and mobs. There’s even a Nether City which you can take over. If you thought that Minecraft 1.16 didn’t bring the improvements you anticipated, then definitely give this mod a try.

1: Croptopia

Croptopia adds lots of new content to Minecrafts farming system. Firstly, it adds 58 new crops which can be planted into the ground, like Grapes, Cabbage and Onions. There’s also 26 trees which can grow fruits and be harvested. With the mod installed, there’s over 200 new food items, taking farming to a whole new level.