Best Village Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

Villages in Minecraft 1.12.2 are relatively simple, as they only received a major rework during the Village & Pillage Update. Although that doesn’t mean they can’t be massively reworked. There’s mods that allow relationships, new structures, and even career paths. This list is going to cover 10 of the Best Village Mods available for Minecraft 1.12.2.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft 1.12.2 Mod Lists too, for more great mods.

Villager Names

villager names mod

It should be quite obvious what the Villager Names does. Every Villager in your Minecraft World will now be assigned a random name. It appears above their head, in any unit frames and in interfaces, such as when trading with a Villager.

The profession of a Villager will also be visible in the window. There’s over 5000 names included with the mod. However, there’s always the option to add your own names.

Village Spawn Point

village spawn point mod

Another quality of life mod comes with Village Spawn Point. When creating a new world, the game will spawn you at the closest Village, instead of in the middle of nowhere.

This mod goes great with RPG worlds. Or if you’re just wanting the start of Minecraft to be a bit easier.

Mo’ Villages

mo' villages mod

The spawn system of Villages is a little boring in Minecraft 1.12.2. Especially so because this version doesn’t contain features from the Minecraft Village update. One option to spice them up a little comes with the Mo’ Villages mod.

Firstly, Villages will now spawn more often, at around 2-3x the normal rate. But the most note-worthy feature is the availability of new Villages.

There’s more variants, so that Villages are made up of different blocks, depending on the Biomes they spawn in. New Villages can be found in Swamps, Taigas, Jungles, Mushroom Islands, Forests and more.


tektopia mod

TekTopia brings an extensive overhaul to Minecrafts Villages. It’s one of the best mods available for updating them. Firstly, Villagers no longer look like they do in the vanilla game.

Now, Villager will be more human-like, with different outfits, names and stats. Villagers can be assigned to jobs, like Miners, Lumberjacks, Butchers, Farmers, Guards and more. They require buildings to do these tasks, which are created and assigned by you.

This mod essentially turns Minecraft into a simulation game, and there’s around 20 new professions, as well as structures. Villagers will need to be kept happy with Taverns, and well rested with appropriate housing.

Occasionally, merchants will visit the Village to trade, and dark forces may visit. All materials obtained by Villagers will be available to the player, once they enter storage.

Minecraft Comes Alive

minecraft comes alive mod

Minecraft Comes Alive also brings an overhaul. Villagers will be given human-like appearances, with them having genders.

Although one of the main features included with this mod is building relationships. By interacting with Villagers, you have options like flirting, telling jokes, giving gifts, trade and more.

Once a relationship has been built with a Villager, they can be given an Engagement Ring, which they might accept. Then, marrying a Villager and having a child will be an option. Once a child grows up, they can be given chores, which can return you with items.

Recurrent Complex

recurrent complex

Recurrent Complex doesn’t just change Villages. It changes your own world. The mod includes over 200 different structures, which are randomly generated throughout different Biomes.

Quite a lot of these structures are primarily added to Villages, and consist of things like storage rooms, different houses, taverns and more. It’s a great mod, and it’s worth installing even without the Village aspect.

Outside of Villages, it’s possible to discover Forts, Hidden Treasures, Graveyards and Meteors. It’s also possible to add more structures to the mod, and a repository exists online where more can be downloaded.


easier villager trading

EasierVillagerTrading is designed to increase the speed at which Villager trading happens. Firstly, when clicking on a trade, it will instantly happen. Whereas normally, it would just be prepared in the trading window.

By holding down SHIFT and clicking a trade, it will execute as many times as possible. Which is either until you’ve run out of trading materials, or the Villager locks the trade. Whereas you can still prepare a trade by holding down left CTRL and clicking on it.

The mod also shows all trades available from a Villager, so you can quickly select it. This option was added to Vanilla Minecraft in the Village & Pillage Update.


Millenaire adds life to Minecraft, by adding new Villages inhabited by NPCs. These NPCs represent 11th century cultures, with the likes of Japanese, Norman, Inuit and Mayan populations.

Although you can also find other structures spawning outside of Villages to aid with immersion. Villagers provided by Millenaire can be traded with, and there’s reputation which can affect the trades received, and the settlers might also build you a home.

By providing them with materials, settlers can undertake construction projects, some of which are large. More life is given to them too, as they’ll often chat to each other, take part in tasks which benefit the settlement, and even prepare for war.


regrowth mod

Regrowth adds a few mechanics which affect Villages. With it installed, overtime, Villagers will maintain and improve on their Villages.

Noticeably, they’ll place down Torches, so that Villages are well lit, and the chances of hostile mobs spawning is reduced. For further defences, Villagers will build walls around the Village. Holes in paths will also be fixed, Leaves will be trimmed and Cactus’ removed.

Outside of Villages, mobs and animals will eat plants. They’ll heal from eating, and promote ‘regrowth’.



The final Village mod to make this list is MineColonies. It features lots of NPC workers, such as Guards, Miners, Bakers, Couriers, Farmers, Fishers and more.

These can help you to build a thriving town, which can be scaled up to large colonies. Occasionally, raids will happen, which players will need to help defend from. Like other mods in this list, the Villagers have been given a human-like appearance.

Structures like Apiarys, Libraries, Houses, Mines, Smelteries and more can all be created. It’s the ultimate mod to turn Minecraft into a simulation game.


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