Best Village Mods for Minecraft Fabric

There’s lots of mods available for Minecraft, which are able to add new Villagers, Structures, Professions and more. In this list, we’re going to cover the Top 10 Best Village Mods for Minecraft with Fabric.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft Fabric Mod Lists too, for more great mods.


Firstly, we have the Stoneholm Mod. It’s one of the most popular Village mods available for Fabric, and allows Villages to spawn underground in Minecraft.

Entrances to these Villages can be found on the surface, and this mod would go great in a post-apocalyptic themed world. That way, it feels like survivors have chosen to move underground. You can find everything you normally would in these new Villagers, such as Iron Golems, Villagers, Job Blocks and more.

There’s even some abandoned and closed-off sections, which are filled with hostile mobs, and can be cleared out for loot. Or so that a Village size can easily be expanded on.

Guard Villagers

Guard Villagers will add further defenses to a Village. Now, every Village will spawn with around 6 Guards.

These can be equipped with Armor, Swords and Crossbows. When Zombies attack, or Raids happen, they’ll come to defend a Village. If a Village is unemployed, then they can be turned into Guards by right-clicking them with Swords or a Crossbow.

Whereas if you have the Hero of the Village Effect, some extra interactions become available. Some examples are being able to change the armor and weapons a Guard has equipped. Or even being able to have them follow you, or give them an area to patrol.

More Villagers

More Villagers can be used to add some new Villager Professions into Minecraft. You’ll now be able to find the Oceanographer, Netherologist, Forester, Enderologist, Engineer, Florist, Hunter and Miner.

And they all have their own job-site blocks, which are provided by the mod. When a Villager has these jobs, you’ll be given access to a lot of new trades.

For example, the Engineer will sell and buy Redstone related items. Whereas the Netherologist will sell Nether-related items, like Obsidian, Bastion Remnant Maps and Quartz Ore.

Sky Villages

An opposite to Stoneholm is Sky Villages. With this mod installed, you’ll instead find Villages spawning in Minecrafts Sky.

They’re beautifully crafted, and are really safe as they’re filled with Torches. No new custom items or blocks are added with the mod, and Villages act exactly the same.

There’s a bit of variation to them too, so that different islands can spawn offering different job blocks. These Villages spawn really high up, so might be difficult to reach early-on. You can try building up using blocks, or fly up using an Elytra.

Village Spawn Point

Village Spawn Point is a really simple and quick mod. With it installed, you’ll instantly spawn inside a Village when creating a new world.

That way, you don’t have to worry about the early-game phase so much. You’ll also have quick access to shelter, food and trades. The Village that you spawn at is the one closest to the X=0 and Z=0 coordinates.

The Guild

The Guild is great for RPG-style packs, and it’s inspired by the Bountiful mod. Inside a Village, you can now find a new structure spawning, which is the Guild.

Inside, you can find the Guild Master, who is available to provide the player with quests, after they buy a License. Once the License has been purchased, the Quests screen can be opened by pressing the J key.

Inside, some professions can be seen, like Fishing and Archery. A profession determines the types of quests that can be received. Often, they’ll have you collect a type of item, or kill a set amount of mobs, giving rewards in return. They’ll also have time limits.

Villager Names

Another simple mod is Villager Names. Now, every Villager will be assigned a random name, giving them more life and personality.

The name of a Villager can be seen above their-head in the game world, or in their shop window if they have a profession. Included with the mod is a list of over 6000 names, which will be randomly assigned.

Even Iron Golems are changed, so that they’re given Robotic names, whereas child Villagers are named ‘the Child’. You aren’t forced to use these names, as it’s also possible to implement your own.

Minecraft Comes Alive

Minecraft Comes Alive makes some of the biggest changes to Villages that you’ll find. Firstly, all Villagers are now human-like, and have their own skins. They’re gendered too, so that they can be male or female.

Over time, you can build relationships with Villagers, and eventually marry them and have children. Children are able to do chores, like go Fishing or Chopping, until they grow into adults.

There’s so much to this mod, like being able to revive Villagers, or have them become infected so that they turn into Zombies. It really takes managing a Village to a whole new level, and makes them feel like you’re playing a simulation game.

Better Village

Better Village brings a rework to the design and layout of Minecrafts Villages. Though currently, it only changes the Plains and Desert Villages at the time of this list.

More Villages will be overhauled in the future. You won’t find any changes to the Villagers themselves, only to the structures. They’ve all been transformed to look more detailed, have chimneys, better interiors and more.

Deserts look more lively, as they’re surrounded with trees and bushes instead. A few additional structures are also added, like Windmills near farms, or bigger temples and churches.

Trading Post

The Trading Post is a new block which makes trading with Villagers a lot easier. To craft it, place an Emerald, 3 Planks and 2 Sticks in a Crafting Table.

Place this block down, and interact with it to open the interface. Inside, you can see a trading window, like what you see when interacting with Villagers.

Except every possible trade available, from every Villager in the village will be visible. So essentially, the mod means you no longer have to search for a Villager, and should save a lot of time.