Best Structure Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

Adding more structures to Minecraft will help when it comes to exploration. You might come across homes, forts and even dungeons!

Minecraft 1.12.2 is relatively old, but still great for modding. One way of making the world more interesting to explore is to add new structures. So in this list, we’re going to cover 10 mods that fill your world with new locations.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft Mod Lists too, for more great mods.

Additional Structures

One of the most comprehensive mods available to add new locations is Additional Structures. In total, there’s over 155 new structures, which are mostly small and medium sized.

It claims to also support popular Biome mods, such as Biomes O’ Plenty, Traverse and Biome Bundle which is a nice additional feature. Now, the types of structures that you’ll actually come across range a lot. There’s buildings, like Desert Temples, Campsites and Dungeons.

But there’s also lots of smaller items, which make up the majority of this mod. They consist of Trees, Rocks, Ruins and Bushes. Though there’s still some interesting locations, like underground Villages, Boats and Skeletons. These structures can be found across all of Minecraft’s dimensions too.

Recurrent Complex

Another very popular mod is Recurrent Complex. It’s probably known to be the best structure mod available for Minecraft 1.12.2.

Included is over 200 structures, which can be found almost anywhere you look. Compared to Additional Structures, these are a bit larger. The mod also focuses more on bigger buildings, instead of smaller nature-themed items. There’s going to be Windmills, Graveyards, Towers, Shrines, Abandoned Houses and even Meteors to discover.

Although one of the best features of Recurrent Complex is that you can create your own structures, or download new ones from their repository and simply import them into the world, allowing them to naturally generate.


Shipwrecks is going to add lots of Ships into Minecraft. Of course, this feature exists anyway in more modern versions of the game, after the release of the Aquatic Update.

Either way, you can install this mod to find Ships and Boats of all different sizes. Some spawn upright in-tact, while others can be ruins, with them also being underwater. The generation of Ships is randomized too, allowing them to have different sails, holes and masts.

Ships have loot inside, making them worth exploring. As some of the Shipwrecks are deep underwater, a Diving Suit is included. When equipped, it will give you the Water Breathing Effect, as well as improved vision.

Spawn Temple

The Spawn Temple is an interesting one. With it installed, players will spawn inside a large structure, which is exactly on the world spawn point.

Spawn Temples are designed to allow players to spawn safely, without having to worry about nearby mobs. Essentially, it makes the early-game phase a little bit easier.

The Spawn Temple is filled with Torches too, so it’s even safe during the night. A fountain in the center of the Temple indicates the spawn point of your world, and the outer areas are made from Cobblestone. But it’s all configurable.

Medieval Craft

For an older-themed world, try out Medieval Craft. It isn’t just about structures, it’s more about making Minecraft feel Medieval.

It does this by introducing around 50 new armor and weapons. You’re even able to find Excalibur spawning inside a rock, with it being the most powerful Sword available.

There’s 7 new structures included, which consist of different Castles, Forts and Houses. They look great, and they’re filled with Knights who fit the theme of the mod. 


Another more generic structure spawning mod is Ruins. It’s similar to Recurrent Complex and Additional Structure, in the fact that it spawns a random assortment of structures.

Though I don’t think they’re the most well designed, as a lot of the structures seem quite basic. There’s a variety of Temples, Ruins, Wells, Ships and the occasional Dungeon.

One interesting feature provided by the mod is that once again, you’re able to create your own structures and save them. That way, they can begin to naturally generate in your world.

Chocolate Quest 2 Repoured

Chocolate Quest 2 Repoured is a dungeon mod. With that said, it still spawns a lot of structures which make up these dungeons. Interestingly, the structures provided by this mod are huge.

They consist of Castles, Temples, Volcanos, Ships and even Cities in the Nether. It’s a great mod to install either way, especially compared to other dungeon mods. Included are lots of custom items and mobs, which really make it feel like a different game at times.

With the size of these structures, you’re destined to find lots of loot and rewards. Although it’s definitely going to be challenging.

Loot Games

Loot Games adds a single structure which can be found underground. Upon entering, you’ll be able to play one of the minigames which is included with the mod, like the Game of Light or Minesweeper.

By completing the minigame, you’ll receive loot. The better you play, the better the loot received too, so it’s a pretty original concept for a mod.

Game of Light is a bit like Simon Says, where the lights need to be selected in the correct order. Whereas Minesweeper is a well known game, where you have to mark the bombs with flags. There’s multiple attempts to the minigames.

Cave Expansion

Cave Expansion is going to add lots of structures into Minecraft. However, unlike the other mods in this list, it’s going to add them underground instead.

In recent versions of Minecraft, there’ve been some major updates and overhauls to Caves,  but on Minecraft 1.12.2, they’re still lacking severely. It’s hoped that this mod will make them at least a bit more interesting and diverse.

Impressively, there’s over 100 randomly generated structures. They might consist of traps, dungeons, tunnels, shrines or just chambers. Expect to find a lot of variation depending on the biome they spawn in too, with a lot more loot than what you’d normally find.

Soaring Structures

On the opposite, there’s Soaring Structures. Instead of adding structures underground, it adds them to the sky instead.

They’re going to be quite difficult to reach, so you might need an Elytra. Alternatively, you can try building up to them using lots of blocks or ladders. There’s only 3 islands included with the mod, and these are named the Residential Island, Cave Island and the Dungeon Island.

If you climb up to the Residential Island, it could make a safe place to live. Especially once it’s been lit up with Torches, as hostile mobs won’t be able to spawn there.