Best Structure Mods for Minecraft Fabric

Adding new Structures into Minecraft makes it much more fun and refreshing to explore. You can come across new loot, mobs, mechanics and more. This list is going to cover the Top 10 Best Structure Mods currently available for Minecraft Fabric.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft Fabric Mod Lists too, for more great mods.

Repurposed Structures

Repurposed Structures is a must-have mod to spice up structure generation in Minecraft. The main feature of the mod is that structures now have multiple variations, depending on the Biome they spawn in.

As an example, Pillager Outposts will no longer look the same. They’ll have a different design, depending on whether they spawn in Swamps, Desert, Snowy Biomes and more.

These changes are made to other structures too, like Shipwrecks, Desert Pyramids, Witch Huts, Mansions amongst others. Though there are some new additions too. The Nether Fortress can now be found in Overworld Jungles, and End Cities can be found in both the Overworld and Nether too.

Mo’ Structures

Another popular structure mod for Minecraft on Fabric is Mo’ Structures. Instead of overhauling existing structures, it adds some new ones instead.

The types of structures that spawn vary a lot too. Some might be Dungeons, some might just contain loot and some are simple Ruins. Some examples are the Villager Market, where you can find multiple Villagers to trade with, who are guarded by Iron Golems.

Or the Pillager Factory, which is filled with hostile Pillager-themed mobs and loot. At the Killer Bunny Castle, there’s a mini-boss fight with a Bunny. But there’s also Hot Air Balloons, Ships, Pyramids and more.

Additional Structures

Additional Structures is on the larger side, adding over 150 new structures into Minecraft. Although they tend to be smaller than ones provided by other mods.

Instead, a lot of these structures will consist of Big Cacti, Rock Formations, Trees and Bushes, Although some bigger structures can be found too, which can be Altars, Temples and Houses.

This mod is a great option for adding more variation into Minecraft, without it feeling overwhelming. Structures provided by this mod won’t just spawn in the Overworld, as they can be found across all dimensions, and not just on the surface either.

Towers of the Wild

Towers of the Wild is one of the best structure mods available. It adds Towers into Minecraft, which are inspired by Zelda Breath of the Wild.

They’re easy to find, as they reach high into the sky. There’s also some different designs and variations, depending on the Biomes they spawn in. There’s a ladder to ascend these Towers, although it’s quite difficult. At the top is a Chest containing some loot.

If you have the Waystones mod installed, then one will also spawn at the top, turning them into fast-travel locations essentially. By installing Towers of the Wild Additions, they can also be found spawning in the End and Nether Dimensions too.

The Graveyard

The Graveyard is an expansive mod, adding an assortment of structures, items and creatures into Minecraft. With this list being about structures, that’s what we’re going to focus on.

Some locations that can be found are the Haunted House, Small Grave, multiple sizes of Graveyards, Memorial Birch Tree and Mushroom Grave. With a bit of grave-digging, you can expect to find lots of loot in these locations.

Though there’s hostile mobs added by the mod too, like Ghouls, Reapers and Revenants. An additional mod is available, called Graveyard Biomes, which adds some horror-themed biomes to the game too.

YUNG’s Bridges

Yung’s Bridges adds naturally generated bridges into your world. There’s over 15 different variations to the bridges, so always expect to find a different design, style and size to them.

They definitely add an element of human-interaction to Minecraft, like other people are living in it. Naturally, the bridges can only be found crossing rivers, as long as both ends connect to land.

Therefore, they’re most likely to be found in River Biomes. If you really want, the spawn rate of them can be increased too in the config files.

Soaring Structures 2

Soaring Structures 2 only adds structures to Minecrafts sky. They’ll spawn on floating islands, so the most ideal way to reach them is by using an Elytra.

Often, you’ll find Chests on these islands, as well as buildings that you can loot or live in, or some can even have caves in them. Islands really vary in size, so that some can fit Farms, Houses, Lighthouses and Camps.

Outside of structures, a few extra items are included, such as Heavenly Flowers which can be turned into Soups, as well as some custom paintings.


Subterrestrial adds new structures in Minecrafts Caves. They consist of Cabins, which have different designs and sizes.

But there’s also Biome Variations to further influence the design of them. Inside these Cabins, you can find Chests containing loot, and that’s about it. However, it has integration for a few other mods, like Additional Additions, Croptopia and the Extractinator, so that items from these mods can spawn inside them.

In general, the mod should make exploring Caves a bit more interesting, and hopefully provide you with items so you don’t have to keep returning to the surface for Food.

YUNG’s Better Strongholds

YUNG’s Better Strongholds doesn’t add any new structures into Minecraft. Instead, it overhauls the existing Stronghold, which is used to access the End Dimension.

With this location being one of the final locations you’ll come across before beating Minecraft, you’d think it would be more interesting. Unfortunately not, as it’s basic and lacking in content.

With YUNG’s Better Strongholds installed, you’ll find that Strongholds are much larger in size. They’ll be filled with more decorative blocks, some different room designs and even some hidden areas.

Flowery Structures

Flowery Structures aims to add new locations into Minecraft which give a Vanilla+ meaning. So expect to find structures which don’t alter the game too much, with no new blocks or items being added.

Lots of these locations will consist of Villager Houses, Carts, Farms and Lights, which feel like other players are living in the world. Whereas there’s some dangerous locations too, like Dungeons and Tombstones.

They all spawn quite common. So expect to stumble across locations from this mod a lot.