Best RPG Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

This list is going to look at the Top 10 Best RPG Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2. RPG stands for Role-Playing Game, and mods that fit into this category might be of a more fantasy, mystical and immersion themed.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft 1.12.2 Mod Lists too, for more great mods.


Waystones adds some new Blocks which can be crafted and placed down yourself. Although while exploring, you can also find them naturally generating, especially in Villages where they’ll spawn inside a mini-structure.

When interacting with a Waystone, they can be given a name. Then, they’ll become activated, and the player will be able to travel between any other Waystones that are activated in the game world.

There’s other items provided, like Warp Scrolls and Stones, which will allow you to teleport to a Waystone without actually interacting with one. It’s a great mod for linking locations together, or bases with your friends.


Comforts is well-known, and adds 2 different items. These are the Sleeping Bag and Hammock. Sleeping Bags can only be used at night, and are placed down on the ground. Sleeping Bags are like regular Beds, turning nighttime to daytime, and are placed on the ground.

The second item is the Hammock, and these can be hung between blocks, like trees. When sleeping in a Hammock, day will be turned into night instead, so it’s like a nap. With both of these items, no spawn point is set, so you don’t have to worry about losing your home location, if you die.

Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Surroundings can be used to massively increase Minecrafts immersion. It doesn’t add content like structures and mechanics, as it instead focuses on graphical and audio effects.

Visually, you can find Fireflies spawning during the night, which can also spawn under an Aurora Borealis. In colder biomes, the player character will blow cold air out of their mouth.

Audio wise, footsteps make the biggest improvements, as they should alot more realistic. Depending on the Biome, different sound effects will also play, such as toads in a swamp, or chirping birds in a forest. That’s only a tiny preview of all the features Dynamic Surroundings provide.


Bountiful is a quest-like mod. In a Village, a Bounty Board can now spawn in its own small structure. When interacted with, a list of Bounties will be displayed, which might ask players to kill creatures or collect materials.

In return, items will be rewarded, like Emeralds and Enchantments. This mod massively increases the RPG feeling, as there’s actually quests and challenges to complete alongside the Advancement system.

Bountiful also includes Decrees. These items can be placed in the slots on the right side of a Bounty Board, and will determine the type of Bounties that are given.

Recurrent Complex

A popular structure spawning mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 is Recurrent Complex. This mod adds over 200 different structures, which can be found throughout most Biomes.

Some types of structures to be found are Meteors, Mazes, Graveyards, Ruins, Towers, Pirate Hideouts and more. However, it’s also possible to add custom structures, and a repository exists where more structures can be downloaded and added.

Structures don’t just spawn in the Overworld either, as they can be found in other Minecraft Dimensions. A lot of the structures included with Recurrent Complex definitely aid the RPG feeling.

Antique Atlas

Antique Atlas adds a new mapping system to Minecraft, which feels more immersive and realistic. Atlas are craftable items, made from a Book and Compass.

When travelling with an Atlas, it will slowly fill up in a hand-drawn style, mapping out the players world. A waypoint system is included, allowing markers to be placed down with custom icons, so that locations like Villages, Homes and Dungeons can be marked.

Eventually, an Atlas will fill up, but multiple Atlas’ can be combined together. On the mod page, a link can be found for a Resource Pack, which changes the hand-drawn style so that it’s colored.

Back Tools

Back Tools is really simple. When switching through different tools on the hot bar, the item that was previously highlighted will appear on the players back.

Items like Swords, Bows, Axes and even Shears are supported. Fortunately, it’s just a client-side mod, so it doesn’t need to be installed on a server.

Wolf Armor & Storage

Minecraft Wolves could really be expanded on, similar to Horses. With the Wolf Armor and Storage mod, lots of improvements are given.

Firstly, the mod introduces 5 new sets of Wolf Armor. These can be crafted from Leather, Chainmail, Iron, Gold and Diamond. It increases a Wolfs protection, increasing the amount of damage they can take before becoming fatal.

By applying a Chest to a Wolf, it will be equipped onto them. 6 additional inventory slots will be provided. Overall, you can expect your Wolf (or Dog) to be a much more worthy and useful companion.

Mystical World

One of the best ways to turn Minecraft into an immersive-RPG is by introducing new life. Luckily, Mystical World does just that, adding a range of new creatures.

Throughout different Biomes, it’s possible to discover Owls, Frogs, Deer, Sprouts, Beetles and more. Each of them have different interactions and abilities too.

Beetles for example, can be tamed with Melon Seeds, and will sit on the players shoulder. Whereas Lava Cats can be found in the Nether, and have 2 different forms.

Outside of animals, there’s Silver, Copper and Amethysts as new materials. Structure-wise, the Hut and Burrow can also spawn.


Finally, we have the Paragliders mod. It adds Gliders, which allow you to jump from great heights without taking damage, as you’ll slowly glide.

This mod is inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, an incredibly popular RPG. The Deku Leaf variant is also available, but it’s purely cosmetic.

Both of these Gliders can be crafted, and a BOTW-like stamina system is included, but optional.


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