Best RPG Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

Make Minecraft feel like an RPG by installing these mods. Find new ways of transportation, exploration and add tens of hours of content!

RPG stands for Role-playing games and includes games such as Skyrim, Fallout, and Cyberpunk. There are lots of mods available for Minecraft 1.12.2 that can make it feel like an RPG, and we’re going to list some of them below.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft Mod Lists too, for more great mods.


Waystone Mod

Waystones are new blocks that have a crafting recipe, so they can be placed down yourself. Although while exploring, you might also find them naturally generating, especially in Villages where they can spawn inside a small structure.

When interacting with a Waystone, they can be given a name. Then, they’ll become activated, and the player will be able to travel between any other Waystones that are activated in the game world.

There are other items provided, such as Warp Scrolls and Stones. Instead, these allow players to teleport to Waystones without interacting with one another. It’s a great mod for linking locations together, or bases with your friends.


Comforts Mod

Comforts is very well-known, and adds 2 new items into Minecraft. These are the Sleeping Bag and Hammock, which can be dyed and changed between all different colors.

Sleeping Bags are only able to be used at night, and are placed down on the ground. They’re a lot like regular Beds, turning night to day. After sleeping, they can be picked up again before you continue adventuring.

The other item is the Hammock, and these can be hung between blocks like trees. When sleeping in a Hammock, day will be turned into night instead, so it’s like napping. Neither of these items set a spawn-point either.


Bountiful Mod

Bountiful is a quest-like mod. In a Village, a Bounty Board can now spawn in its own structure. When interacted with, a list of Bounties will be displayed, which might ask players to kill creatures or collect materials.

In return, items like Emeralds and Enchantments will be given as rewards. This mod massively increases the RPG feeling, as there’s now quests and challenges to complete alongside the advancement system.

Bountiful also includes Decrees. These items can be placed inside the slots on the right side of a Bounty Board, and will determine the type of Bounties that are given.

Antique Atlas

Antique Atlas mod

Antique Atlas adds a new mapping system to Minecraft, which feels more immersive and realistic. Atlas’ are craftable items, and can be easily made from a Book and Compass in a crafting grid.

When travelling with an Atlas, it will slowly fill up in a hand-drawn style, mapping out the players world. A waypoint system is included, allowing markers to be placed down with custom icons, so that locations like Villages, Homes and Dungeons can all be displayed.

Eventually, an Atlas will fill up, but multiple Atlas’ can be combined together. On the mod page, a link can also be found for a Resource Pack, which changes the hand-drawn style so that it has color.


Reskillable Mod

Reskillable introduces a levelling system into the game, similar to what’s seen in many existing RPG’s. Currently, it includes Farming, Agility, Defense, Buildings, Attack, Gathering, Magic and Mining.

With the default settings, each of these skills can reach a maximum level of 33. Over time, skill points can be earned, and spent to level up a skill of your choosing.

Doing so will unlock abilities, like being able to mine Obsidian faster, or have nearby crops grow faster. Lots of Minecrafts mechanics are also locked behind skills. As an example, being able to use a Diamond Pickaxe will require you to have a mining level of 16.


Backpacked Mod

A great mod by Mr Crayfish is Backpacked. With it installed, you can craft a backpack from 6 Rabbit Hide, 2 String and 1 Iron Ingot.

What’s great about this mod is that a new backpack slot is added to the inventory, allowing it to be displayed on a players back. By default, they only provide an extra 9 slots, but the mod can easily be configured in-game.

Some challenges are provided by the mod, which will allow you to unlock different backpack designs. They can be turned into Rockets, End Crystals, Mini Chests, Trash Cans, Turtle Shells and more.


Locks Mod

This mod introduces locks, which can be made from different materials like Iron, Gold, Steel and Diamond. Each tier will change the complexity of a lock, which determines how hard they are to pick.

Players who place a lock will want to bind them with a key, that way they can be unlocked at any time. However, other players who want to unlock them will be able to do so with lockpicks.

It involves a small minigame, and picking a lock isn’t always easy. Locks can be attached to the likes of Chests, Furnaces and even Doors. Some Enchantments are also included with the mod.

Epic Fight

Epic Fight Mod

The Epic Fight mod introduces an RPG-like combat system into Minecraft. Firstly, there’s different attack styles, depending on if you’re stationary or running. These have their own new animations provided by the mod, which look pretty realistic.

A special attack can also be done, after a short charge up period which deals more damage. If a creature is about to attack, you can try dodging it with the sneak key, which causes your character to roll.

Some new attributes are included with the mod, like Armor Negate and Impact. These are applied to regular weapons, as well as some new ones which are included, like the Katana, Spear and Longsword.

Wolf Armor & Storage

Minecraft Wolves could really be expanded on, similar to Horses. With the Wolf Armor and Storage mod, lots of improvements are given.

Firstly, the mod introduces 5 new sets of Wolf Armor. These can be crafted from Leather, Chainmail, Iron, Gold and Diamond. It increases a Wolfs protection, increasing the amount of damage they can take before becoming fatal.

By applying a Chest to a Wolf, it will be equipped onto them. 6 additional inventory slots will be provided. Overall, you can expect your Wolf (or Dog) to be a much more worthy and useful companion.


Paragliders Mod

Finally, we have the Paragliders mod. It adds Gliders, which allow you to jump from great heights without taking damage, as you’ll slowly glide down instead. This mod is inspired by Zelda Breath of the Wild.

This mod is inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, an incredibly popular RPG. The Deku Leaf variant is also available, but it’s purely cosmetic.

Both of these Gliders can be crafted, and a BOTW-like stamina system is included, but optional. If you want to disable the stamina system, you can do so in the mods config files.