Best Nether Mods for Minecraft 1.16.5

Even with the relatively recent update provided to Minecraft’s Nether, the dimension is still lacking content and things to do. Usually, the Nether is a quick trip in and trip out, with the sole purpose of obtaining Blaze Rods.

In this list, we’re going to cover 10 of the Best Nether Mods currently available to Forge users on Minecraft 1.16.5. These might add new mobs, foods, dungeons and more.

All the buttons in this list link back to our site and CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft 1.16.5 Mod Lists too, for more great mods.

Bygone Nether

Bygone Nether

Bygone Nether adds some new Dungeons into Minecrafts Nether. They’re unique to each Biome, and currently included is the Citadel, Catacomb, Fortress and Piglin Manor.

Within these structures are some new mobs to match their structures and location. At the Piglin Manor, you might find Piglins riding Undead Horses, whereas the Citadel contains Warped Enderman, who’ll attack on sight.

Another feature included with Better Nether is the ability to create Gilded Netherite Armor. It makes Netherite count as Gold Equipment, so Piglins should no longer be hostile.

Nether’s Delight

Stuffed Hoglin from Nether's Delight

Farmer’s Delight is one of the best Cooking mods available for Minecraft. It adds a plethora of new foods and recipes, alongside some new mechanics and blocks to cook with.

When using Farmer’s Delight, it’s also worth installing an add-on like Nether’s Delight. With it, you can create the Blackstone Stove, where different Nether themed meals and salads can be created.

Eventually, you’ll be able to craft grand meals like Stuffed Hoglins, as shown above. These act like Cakes, with multiple people being able to take their own servings. And of course, you also get to use all the features provided with Farmer’s Delight.

Stalwart Dungeons

Stalwart Dungeons Mod

Included with Stalwart Dungeons is 3 new Dungeons. Two of them spawn in the Nether, and the other can be found in the End.

With this mod installed, you can find the Keeping Castle and the Awful Dungeon within the Nether. They each have their own structures, which are pretty big, so should be easy enough to find.

As you explore these locations, you’ll come across new creatures (like the Awful Ghast shown above), as well as decorative blocks, armor, weapons and tools. It’s probably one of the best Dungeon mods available for the Nether.

Towers of the Wild Additions

Towers of the Wild Additions

Towers of the Wild Additions is an add-on to the popular Towers of the Wild mod. Usually, Towers are only found in the Overworld with the base-mod installed, but this add-on will cause them to also spawn in the Nether and End Dimensions.

They are quite difficult to climb, and you might fall down, so be prepared for that. But on top of these Towers are a Chest containing some loot. Though they’re a great lookout point in general, and are worth jumping off with an Elytra.

If you have the Waystones mod installed, then a Waystone will spawn at the top of these Towers, effectively turning them into fast-travel locations.


Cataclysm Mod

Another mod that will add some Dungeons is L_Enders Cataclysm. Currently, it includes just 2 Dungeons, with one of each being found within the Nether and End Dimensions.

In the Nether specifically, you can find the Soul Blacksmith. The area as a whole looks like a giant Forge, and shouldn’t be too difficult to find. It’s guarded by the Netherite Monstrosity, a large Golem-like creature.

During the fight, the Nether Monstrosity will launch fireballs at the player, and do multiple melee attacks. Though it’s worth defeating, as there’s some unique Armor and Weapons to be obtained.

Amplified Nether

Amplified Nether Mod

Amplified Nether is going to change the terrain in the Nether. It applies the world height changes we saw in the Caves & Cliffs Update, making the dimension have a 256 block height.

So exploring the Nether should be more interesting, and you’ll definitely want to increase your render distance. Equipping an Elytra is also a good idea, as you can now fly through chasms that are hundreds of blocks high.

That’s not the only change. To compliment the world height, Amplified Nether introduces 3D Biomes. What this means is that Biomes can now change on the vertical axis, so at a bottom of a cliff, you might find the Basalt Deltas, but as you go up, it could change into a Warped Forest.

Nether’s Exoticism

Nethers Exoticism mod

Another food mod for the Nether is Nether’s Exoticism. Included with the mod is 5 new fruits, with there being 1 for each Biome.

These are the Jabuticaba, Kiwano, Rambutan, Buddha’s Hand and the Pitaya. When these are consumed, they’ll give effects like Cure, Regeneration and Night Vision. They can also be turned into decorative crates, as shown above.

The mod also includes a Nether version of the Axolotl, which is the Moloch. While Kiwano and Rambutan can both be turned into different armor pieces, which give some special bonuses when equipped.

Advanced Netherite

Advanced Netherite Mod

While it doesn’t change anything inside the Nether, Advanced Netherite is still appropriate for this list. Alongside regular Netherite Equipment, you’ll now find 4 additional tiers which can be upgraded between.

These are made from Netherite Iron, Gold, Emerald and Diamond. Each tier is stronger than the previous, and you can’t go straight from Netherite Iron to Diamond, you have to work your way up between them.

Not only does each tier provide better stats, but there’s also some minor bonuses. Netherite Gold will cause Piglins to be passive, whereas Netherite Emerald will cause Enderman to be passive. But Netherite Diamond will cause both these mobs to be passive instead.

Basic Nether Ores

Basic Nether Ores

Basic Nether Ores will allow ore from Vanilla Minecraft to spawn within the Nether. It’s possible to even find the likes of Diamonds and Emeralds.

The spawn rate of these ores are increased within the Nether, to make doing so worthwhile. With how exposed the Nether actually is, finding ores should be a breeze, as most blocks are exposed, and cave mining is going to be unnecessary.

Comfortable Nether

Comfortable Nether mod

The final mod worth mentioning is Comfortable Nether. This mod is designed to improve the sustainability of the Nether, allowing you to survive in the dimension for much longer.

Included are lots of new foods, mobs, equipment and decoration blocks. So from now on, you might find plants which drop foods, or even Urns which will give positive effects like Speed Boost.

Mobs can be found throughout all different Biomes. They might be small like the Soul, or huge like the Flare (shown above). Everything that’s included with the mod is designed around surviving, and you could even set your initial spawn point to the Nether.