Best Farmer’s Delight Add-ons

Let's take a look at ten mods that will improve Farmer's Delight. Discover cultural meals, new ingredients, and immersive feasts!

Farmer’s Delight is one of Minecraft’s most popular mods. It brings a vast expansion to the farming and cooking system by introducing a variety of new ingredients and meals. Though Farmer’s Delight itself can be expanded on, as multiple add-ons exist which might add more cooking blocks, meals, or feasts.

Nether’s Delight

Nether's Delight Mod
Stuffed Hoglin Feast

First up is Nether’s Delight. This mod will add quite a few new meals and recipes which are designed around the Nether. But there are building blocks too.

One of the most exciting additions is the Stuffed Hoglin, a Feast. So players can come along and take multiple servings in a bowl. They’re even able to take individual parts with a Knife.

Standard meals include Warped Moldy Meat, Grilled Strider, and Strider Moss Stew. Stoves and Furnaces can be made from Blackstone. A new decorative block is the Hoglin Head, which can be mounted on a wall.

Alex’s Delight

Alex's Delight Mod
Kangaroo Pasta

Alex’s Mobs is one of Minecraft’s most comprehensive animal mods. It adds tonnes of creatures, which are based on realistic animals, as well as fictional ones.

The mod can be further expanded on after installing Alex’s Delight. No new feasts are added, but many additional mob drops can be turned into fresh foods via a Crafting Table or Cooking Pot.

With Alex’s Delight installed, expect to be able to create Kangaroo Pasta, Bunfungus Sandwiches, Bison Burgers, Maggot Salads, and more. Alternatively, creatures can be hunted for their meat which can be eaten.

Festive Delight

festive delight mod
Festive Chicken Feasts

As the name suggests, Festive Delight will add lots of new foods that are themed around Christmas. It adds new tools, including Rolling Pins and different Cutters.

Cutters are different shapes, being a Gingerbread Man, Star, Creeper, and Block. From Gingerbread Dough, you can then create some other Gingerbread Cookies. 

Other foods included are Candy Canes, Christmas Tea, and Cinnamon Sticks. Festive Chicken Blocks can be created, a feast requiring Bowls to take servings. At the same time, consuming Christmas Tea will protect you from Powdered Snow.

Chef’s Delight

Chef's Delight Mod

Chef’s Delight doesn’t add any new foods or even blocks. Instead, it adds two new Villagers: the Chef and the Cook. Villagers can obtain these professions by interacting with a Skillet or Cooking Pot.

Though if you don’t want to create these Villagers manually, you can find them naturally spawning. Two new structures house these Villagers, containing valuable items such as Cutting Boards, Cupboards, Ropes, and Knives.

The sole purpose of these Villagers is to be traded with. Cooks sell simple ingredients which you might use to create regular Farmer’s Delight meals. In contrast, the Chef will sell more refined foods, including entire meals. Luckily, this mod is available to both Forge and Fabric users.

Ender’s Delight

Ender's Delight Mod

Other mods do exist that add Farmer’s Delight-related content to the End. However, one that adds more diverse foods while being lesser known is Ender Delight. With it installed, you’ll have access to many new dishes created from resources within the End dimension.

With items such as Chorus Fruit, Shulker Fillets, and Enderman’s Sight, many new meals can be crafted, including Pearl Pasta, Twisted Cereal, Chorus Pie, Chorus Stew, and Ender Paella. Most grant Nourishment, but some also give Resistance and Levitation effects.

These new ingredients can be obtained from mobs such as Shulkers and Enderman by using Knives. Two new blocks are added: the Endstone Stove and Chorus Fruit Crate. And inside a Cooking Pot, Stuffed Shulker can be created, a feast.

Cultural Delights

Cultural Delights Mod

Cultural Delights aims to add foods from around the world, from all different cultures. So with it installed, expect to find a variety of new foods with more potentially coming with future updates.

Firstly, Cultural Delights implements new crops which can be found in the wild. These include Avocado, Eggplant, Cucumber, and Corn. And these can be turned into Crates, used for either storage or decoration.

Some meals can be created from cultures inside the Crafting Table or Cooking Pot. These include Sushi, Curry, Tacos, Pasta, Salad, Burritos, and more. Or it’s possible to even cook foods like Squid.

Expanded Delight

Expanded Delight Mod

Another popular add-on for Fabric users is Expanded Delight. It also aims to add new foods made from raw ingredients like Chillis, Peanuts, Sweet Potatoes, Cheese, and Asparagus.

Then, you can create an assortment of Salads, Meals, Soups, and Juices. You can find wild crops worldwide, like Asaparagus, Chili Peppers, and Sweet Potatoes. However, there are also Cinnamon Trees in Jungles and Salt Ore in Oceans.

Eventually, the developer does plan to update this mod further. We will likely see the introduction of new foods and compatibility with other mods, such as Create, Ecologics, Better Nether, and Better End.

Ocean’s Delight

Ocean's Delight Mod
Ocean’s Delight Mod

As you might have guessed by the name, Ocean’s Delight will add lots of foods themed around the Oceans. These will mainly be created from resources gathered from Squids and Guardians.

Tentacles on a Stick, Guardian Tails, Slice of Elder Guardians, and more are included. However, one of the more prominent new foods is a Feast, the Guardian Soup. Interacting with it while holding a Bowl will give Bowls of Guardian Soup.

Corn Delight

Corn Delight

Corn Delight adds foods themed around Corn. Firstly, Wild Corn can be found growing throughout the world and can be harvested. These give Corn Kernals, which can be produced to obtain Maize.

Then, an assortment of foods can be created. Corn Dogs, Tacos, Cornbread, Souped Corn, Creamy Corn Drinks, and more are included. These can be made in the Cooking Pot or through smelting.

Otherwise, there are two Feasts, which include a Bucket of Popcorn, where you can take servings with empty hands Or Nachos, and servings can be taken with a Bowl. Decorative blocks have Bags of Corn Kernels and Corn Crates.

Italian Delight

Italian Delight

Finally, we have Italian Delight, which focuses on adding various foods from Italy. The most prominent is Pizza, where you can create Margherita, Diavola, Ham, Mushroom, and Dante’s Special.

Otherwise, there is Tomato Pasta, Pasta el Pesto, Mozzarella Salad, Mozzarella Panini, Tiramisu, Pandoro, Mushroom Risotto, and quite a few others. New cooking equipment is included too, such as Pizza Peels and Rolling Pins.

Finally, some beverages can be made, which are mostly Wine. These include Sweet Berry Wine, Hellhound Wine, Dragonborn Wine, Rosewine, Glowberry Wine, and quite a few others. So there is quite a lot to create overall.