Best Biome Mods for Minecraft Fabric

Adding new Biomes into Minecraft is one of the best ways to completely transform the look of the game, making it feel completely different. Usually, these types of mods will add new blocks, colors, terrains and mobs.

In this list, we’re going to cover some of the Best Biome Mods currently available to Fabric users. It’s also worth nothing that you can use these mods together, you don’t have to just install one.

All the buttons in this list link back to CurseForge. There, you can find more information about these mods, and download them for Minecraft. Make sure to read our other Minecraft Fabric Mod Lists too, for more great mods.


Overtime, Ecologics is going to update each of Minecrafts Biomes. It does this by adding some new items, mechanics, mobs and structures.

As an example, for the Desert Update, you can now find Camels, which can be tamed and ridden by 2 players at once. While there’s also new plants and structures. Whereas the Coastal update changes Beaches, and adds Sand Castles, Coconut Trees, Coconuts and Crabs.

But as of the time of this post, updates were also done for the Snowy, Lush Caves and Planes Biomes, and more changes are coming in every update. So it’s worth checking this mod out to have a more Vanilla+ feeling instead.


Terralith entirely overhauls Minecraft when it comes to new terrain and biomes. Previously, it was a Datapack, but it’s now been turned into a mod for Forge and Fabric users.

All the changes it makes comes without adding any new blocks or items too, as it does lots of recoloring of existing blocks instead. With it installed, you should also expect to find changes to Caves.

Lots of these biomes will showcase what Minecraft is capable of, as they make use of dramatic terrain and colors, making it feel like you’ve entered a fantasy themed world. Luckily, it’s also compatible with other biome mods, like Biomes o’ Plenty and Oh the Biomes You’ll Go. 

Biome Makeover

Another mod that’s slowly overhauling Minecrafts Biomes is Biome Makeover. With each update, more Biomes will be improved, with 4 currently being changed at the time of this post.

As an example, in the Dark Forest, the Woodland Mansion has been transformed and looks much better. Whereas new types of trees can be found, as well as mobs like Rootlings, Owls, Stone Golems and Moths. Whereas in Swamps, there’s new types of trees, with the surrounding waters being filled with Reeds and Cottontails.

You might also occasionally come across Ruins, and some new mobs. So this mod is definitely worth checking out, as the changes it makes are really fleshed out, and fit nicely.

Lush Forest

The Lush Forest is a new Biome you can come across, if you choose to install this mod. It’s an above-ground variant of the Lush Caves, a new Biome that was introduced with the Caves and Cliffs update.

There’s some different variants, which are the Lush Forest, Lush Valley, Lush Jungle and Lush Birch Forest. You can find Axolotls and Tropical Fish spawning within these Biomes, and there’s often Lush Caves beneath them to match.

No new blocks are added, and it would have been nice to see this Biome included with Vanilla Minecraft.

Oh The Biomes You’ll Go

Oh The Biomes You’ll Go is probably the most popular Biome mod available for Fabric. Although mods like Terralith tend to add more variation, and stray further away from the Vanilla style.

Included with Oh The Biomes You’ll Go is just over 80 new Biomes, many of which fit a magical and fantasy theme. Unlike some other mods in this list, Oh The Biomes You’ll Go does in fact include a lot of new blocks, especially when it comes to new wood types.

These Biomes don’t just appear in the Overworld either, as they can be found in the Nether and End Dimensions too.


Quite a few new Biomes are included with Promenade, which enhance the Vanilla Game. With it installed, you can find locations like the Cherry Oak Forest, Pumpkin Pastures, Dark Amaranth Forest and the Protanopian Gallery, amongst a few other locations.

These Biomes will spawn in all 3 Dimensions, and they don’t stand out too much. Lots of new items are included with the mod, including some animals like Ducks, Sunken Creepers and Lush Skeletons.

New Woods are available too, to go with some of the new Cherry Oak and Palm Trees. A new Witch Hut structure is also added to Dark Forests, which contain a Witch. Also included with Promenade are some new food items and decoration blocks.

Graveyard Biomes

Graveyard Biomes includes 4 new locations to find, and it’s worth using with the standalone Graveyard mod. Included is the Haunted Forest, Haunted Lakes, Eroded Haunted Forest and the Ancient Dead Coral Reef.

It’s definitely going to give Minecraft a more dark and eerie feeling. Creatures from the original Graveyard mod, like Ghouls can also be found spawning in these Biomes.

Besides that, no new blocks or items are added, as it makes use of Vanilla Blocks.

Better Nether

Better Nether is an extremely popular mod, as it brings one of the biggest overhauls seen to the Nether. With it installed, there’ll be over 20 new Biomes to come across in the Nether.

They’re completely different to what’s seen in the Vanilla game too, as lots of plant life will be added to the dimension.

The mod doesn’t just add Biomes either. As there’ll be tons of new creatures, items, tools and structures to come across. It’s definitely worth installing this mod either way.


Desolation only adds 1 Biome, and it’s called the Charred Forest. It’s a Forest which is dark in color, as it’s been burned by multiple fires, making it a toxic place.

To survive in the Charred Forest, there’s some survival equipment which can be crafted and worn. That way, you won’t be hit with any negative effects when roaming through it.

Inside is some new Wood types, as well as the Blackened, a hostile mob. It looks a bit like a Burnt Skeleton. Even though it only has 1 Biome to offer, this mod is really immersive for post-apocalyptic themed worlds.

Dadobug1111’s Biomes

Finally, we have Dadobug1111’s Biomes. Included are lots of Biomes, some of which stray away from the Vanilla feeling of Minecraft. For example, some Biomes are made up of colored glass, which doesn’t really feel like Minecraft at all.

Though there are fields, which are made up of crops like Wheat, Pumpkins, Potatoes and Melons which can be a great source for food. The Pit of Death is 50 blocks deep, and you can find lots of ore here.

Whereas there’s also locations completely made up of Amethyst. In total, there’s currently 44 Biomes included with the mod.