50 Mods that make Minecraft feel like an RPG

These mods will help turn Minecraft into the ultimate role-playing game, living in a medieval and magical themed world.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of mods that can help turn Minecraft into an RPG. They’ll help discover new locations, fight intimidating bosses, and obtain impressive equipment.

Though in this list, we’re only going to take a look at 50 of them. And this list isn’t targeted towards solely Forge or Fabric. All the links to these mods can be found in the convenient list in the button below.

Callable Horses

Callable Horses Mod

The “Callable Horses” mod introduces a familiar feature found in many RPG games. Once installed, you can claim a horse as your own by pressing the P key. By pressing the V key, you can call the horse to you, and it will either run toward you or teleport. If your personal horse dies, you won’t be able to call it again and will need to get another one, although this setting is adjustable.

Loot Journal

Loot Journal Mod

A simple mod that offers a nice change is Loot Journal. When you pick up an item, a small tooltip will appear on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, displaying what has been added to your inventory. This adds an RPG aspect and is ideal for keeping track of newly acquired items. The mod also informs you of the quantity of those items already in your inventory.

Medieval Buildings: End

Medieval End

Medieval End introduces five new structures to the End, providing additional locations to explore on the outer islands. These new structures include the Castle, House, Pyramid, Ship, and Shrine. You can explore these structures, fight hostile mobs, search chests for loot, or even claim them as your own base. The structures blend seamlessly into the End, using appropriate blocks, and the mod does not introduce any new content, relying solely on Vanilla blocks and items.

Camps, Castles & Carriages

Camps, Castles, Carriages

Players can discover new Overworld structures after installing the Camps, Castles, and Carriages mod. These include the Camp, Castle, Piglin Camp, Pillager Loot Carriage, and Witch Wagon. Players can collect various blocks and loot from these locations but should be aware of hostile enemies. The Castle even features a boss named Ser Marrow. Depending on the Minecraft version being used, there may be additional structures available.



There’s a mod called Bonfires that’s quite similar to Waystones and inspired by Souls games. With this mod, you can craft a new block called Pile of Bones and Ashes. To activate it, you’ll need to use a Coiled Sword and give it a name, turning it into a teleportable location. When interacting with a Bonfire, you can see a list of other bonfires, even in other dimensions, and teleport between them. The mod also includes items like the Estus Flask, which replenishes health and is refilled when using a Bonfire.

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight aims to improve the sleeping system in Minecraft. It adds colorful Hammocks that you can swing in by pressing the A and D keys, allowing you to rest during the day. Another addition is the Night Bag, which lets you instantly sleep without setting a spawn point. However, there’s a chance for bed bugs to spawn while sleeping, which will infest your bed and need to be removed using a Potion of Harming. This mod also introduces nightmares, experience bonuses when waking up in a home bed, the ability to lay in a bed without sleeping, and more.

Grand Capitals

Grand Capitals

The Grand Capitals mod brings significant changes to Villagers and Pillager Outposts in Minecraft. The mod’s developer has plans to enhance other structures like the Woodland Mansion in the future. The updated locations are more expansive and intricately detailed, boasting improved interiors and exteriors. Players can expect to find increased loot and new harvestable blocks that will assist them in their gameplay. Although the changes to Pillager Outposts are less noticeable, they still include significant improvements.

The Lost Cities

When creating a new world, you have the option to enable the spawning of Lost Cities and choose the frequency at which they appear. These cities blend seamlessly into the landscape and even feature bridges, pathways, and subway systems that allow you to travel between nearby cities. The cities are designed to look like they have been ruined, but you can adjust this as well. Many of the buildings are empty, but you can still explore them and occasionally find loot chests and spawners. There’s also an addon called the Lost Souls, which can make some buildings haunted, leading to more dangerous mobs spawning inside them.

Sea Dwellers

Sea Dwellers

Sea Dwellers introduces a new underwater civilization called Mermorphs to Minecraft. You can find them in various bodies of water, such as rivers and oceans with different temperatures. You can trade raw fish with Mermorphs for items like iron nuggets, feathers, and clay. The mod also includes a Mermorph Village, an underwater structure that functions like a regular village. In the village, you’ll find Mermorphs with roles like blacksmith, architect, hunter, and farmer, and you can trade with them just like with standard villagers. Eventually, you can even obtain the Depth Armor Set, which provides infinite water breathing and Dolphin’s Grace.

Mowzie’s Mobs

Mowzies Mobs

For even more boss and combat-based content, you can try out Mowzie’s Mobs. Once installed, you can encounter creatures such as the Frostmaw, Ferrous Wroughtnaught, Naga, and the Sunbird, among others. These creatures have interesting mechanics, for example, the Wroughtnaught can only take damage from behind, and the Sunbird draws power from the sun, making it a very challenging opponent. Defeating these mobs can reward you with unique items like new armor, weapons, and other items with special abilities. For example, the Ice Crystal can summon an icy whirlwind to freeze nearby creatures.

Call of Yucatan

Call of Yucutan

Two new Dungeons appear in the Jungle after installing the Call of Yucutan mod. These are themed around the ancient Aztec and Maya civilizations and are named the Deadly Crypt and the Overgrown Temple. You will encounter new enemies, such as the Mayan Warriors and Golden Guard. Each location features a boss that can be summoned or given buffs. The mod offers a variety of items to obtain, including Armor, Tools, Weapons, Shields, Masks, Music Discs, and more.

Realm RPG: Quests

Realm RPG Quests

In the Realm RPG modification for Minecraft, you can embark on quests given by new non-playable characters (NPCs) such as Anglers, Cooks, Lumberjacks, Miners, and Monster Hunters. You can obtain quests by interacting with these NPCs, and you can keep track of them in your journal by pressing the J key. You can only work on one quest at a time, but you can view a list of active quests and decline old ones in your journal. One interesting feature of this mod is the unique designs of the NPCs and their own structures. Completing quests can reward you with items like Emeralds.

Knight Quest

Knight Quest

If you’re looking for new armor and other features, check out Knight Quest. It adds over thirty unique armor sets that you can obtain and craft after getting Netherite. Some sets are themed around Minecraft creatures like Creepers, Skeletons, Blazes, Evokers, and Endermen, while others have themes like Pirates, Hollow, and Veterans. Wearing a complete set or individual pieces of some sets gives you bonus effects like Speed, Strength, and Resistance. In addition to the armor, there are new items and creatures like the Eldknight, Gremlins, and more.

Fabled Weaponry

Fabled Weaponry

The Fabled Weaponry mod introduces new weapons such as the Maul, Waraxe, Scythe, Great Sword, Scimitar, Mace, Dagger, Ballista, Longbow, Tome, Bulwark, and Aegis, each available in different materials and rarities. Each weapon has unique abilities. For example, the Maul deals more damage based on the size of the enemy, the War Axe deals more damage based on the target’s missing health, and wielding the Aegis increases self-healing by up to fifty percent. These additions enhance gameplay without deviating too far from the original Minecraft experience.

Goblin Tyranny

Goblin Tyranny

In the mod “Goblin Tyranny,” Goblins can be found in structures like Caravans, Camps, and Watchtowers. The largest structure, the Camp, serves as a Village, and each Village is unique and randomly generated. Goblins come in different types, such as Shamans, Warriors, and Mini Gobs. Some of them also act as merchants, including Bartenders, Wandering Merchants, and blacksmiths. What’s interesting is that they have trading interfaces where you can buy items. As you progress through the mod, you can obtain new weapons, armor, and unique items like the Skybound Armor, which is a combination of an Elytra and a Jetpack.



For a unique way to explore your world, consider using the Breezy mod, which introduces Hot Air Balloons. You can craft these balloons using Wool, Leads, Planks, and a Slab. Once in the balloon, you can go up by using a Flint and Steel and descend by placing Sand to create Sand Bags. While flying, you can also remove the Sand Bags using Shears. However, steering the balloon is challenging as it depends on the wind direction. You can check the wind direction using a Gust Gauge, and the wind direction changes daily.

When Dungeons Arise

When Dungeons Arise mod

When Dungeons Arise is one of the more impressive Dungeon mods available for Minecraft, with it adding some enormous locations into the game which could take a while to clear and explore. And this mod works by using all vanilla blocks and mobs. However, an expansion to this mod has also been released, which is called the Seven Seas. As well as all the dungeons included with the base mod, you can now find the Corsair Corvette, Pirate Junkship, Small Ship, Unicorn Galleon, and the Victory Frigate. And I’d probably recommend installing both of these mods, although sometimes these dungeons might feel a little overwhelming due to their size.

Improvable Skills

improvable skills mod

There are several mods available that introduce new skills to the game. One interesting option is the Improveable Skills mod, which can be initiated by crafting the Book of Skills. This book includes basic skills such as enhancing swimming, mining, and digging speeds, as well as providing useful stats like PvP protection. Additional skills can be unlocked by discovering them in structures, trading for them, or defeating mobs. Unlocked skills are added to the Book of Skills and can be further developed. Special abilities can also be unlocked, allowing you to create an XP bank and engage in activities like crafting and enchanting on the go.

Special Drops

special drops mod

There’s a mod called Special Drops that adds a unique item drop to every mob in the game. There are over seventy different items, each with varying rarities and drop rates ranging from three percent to 0.2 percent. These items include armor, weapons, tools, and usable items. Many of them provide buffs similar to those from potions, such as Haste, Night Vision, Resistance, Speed, and Poison. Some items have more unique effects, like the Shulker Dagger, which gives enemies the Levitation effect when hit, or the Glow Squid Lantern, which can make entities glow.

Eternal Tales

eternal tales mod

For an expansive RPG mod with quests, NPCs, dungeons, dimensions, and more, check out Eternal Tales. You’ll begin in a small town and progress through the mod’s story. Bosses need to be defeated in a specific order, and there are many new items to obtain. It’s reminiscent of the Twilight Forest mod, with a lot of progression. You’ll defeat bosses in a specific order, unlock new equipment, and explore different biomes and dimensions. There are over a thousand items, eighty sets of armor, over two hundred weapons, numerous new potion effects, over twenty bosses, and much more. Fully exploring this mod will take a long time.



The Exposure mod enables you to capture your adventures in Minecraft by allowing you to carry a camera and take pictures. Once you have a camera, you can equip it with film, a flash, a lens, and even a glass pane, which acts as a filter. The film can hold sixteen shots, and when taken to the lightroom, the pictures can be viewed and printed on paper, although different dyes will be required. You can see the negatives, print them on paper, and then view them in your hand or display them in the world.

Medieval Overworld


In a previous discussion, I talked about a mod that introduces Medieval Buildings into the End. However, there’s also a version of the mod for the Overworld. This version adds a Fort, two Houses, a Ship, and a Tower. The largest structure is the Fort, which functions as a Village, and you can trade with some of the inhabitants there. The two houses vary in size: one is small and abandoned, while the other is larger and inhabited by a Villager. The Ship contains several barrels with loot, including Chests and Barrels. Lastly, there’s the Tower, which also contains loot and a Spawner.



When playing with friends, you’ll definitely want to use the Lootr mod. With it installed, containers will have separate inventories for each player, so you no longer need to compete for loot. Every player on your server will be able to open a chest and obtain loot, even if it has already been emptied.



Aquamirae will introduce a new biome for players to explore in an exciting story-driven expansion. The expansion will feature additional structures, mobs, and a boss. Within the new biome, called the Ice Maze, many Illagers are trapped in the ice and struggling to survive. As you explore this new area, you’ll uncover the Illagers’ story and learn about their efforts to endure, including seeking shelter underground. Eventually, players will acquire the Shell Horn, which can be used to summon the main boss, Captain Cornelia. In terms of rewards, the expansion will offer new armor, weapons, consumables, and other collectibles.

Obscure Tooltips

Obscure Tooltips

Obscure Tooltips, developed by the same creator of Aquamirae, introduces significant enhancements to tooltips that appear when hovering over an item. The item’s rarity is now more visibly displayed, accompanied by attractive animated effects that emphasize its quality. Additionally, there’s a 3D rendering of the item being hovered over.


Astikor Carts

Astikor Carts offers immersive transportation options by adding multiple carts to attach to horses. The Animal Cart can carry animals or players when attached to your horse. The Supply Cart functions as a double chest with space for a player to sit, and items will be rendered on the cart. The Plow, equipped with shovels or axes, can create paths or farmland as it’s pulled along. Overall, it’s a pretty cool mod.



The Nether will undergo a massive overhaul with Incendium installed, making it a place you’ll want to spend more time exploring. The Nether’s height has been increased and eight biomes and nine structures have been added, all made using vanilla blocks. You’ll discover locations like the Ruined Lab, Sanctum, Pipeline, Piglin Village, Nether Reactor, and the Forbidden Castle. Some of these structures are huge and can be found in corresponding biomes such as the Infernal Dunes, Toxic Heap, Withered Forest, and the Ash Barrens. There’s plenty of loot to collect in these new structures and hostile mobs to defeat.

Fallen Adventurers

Fallen Adventurers

A mod that enhances exploration is Fallen Adventurers. In various biomes and dimensions in your world, you will come across the skeletons of adventurers. When you find them, you can destroy them to obtain common or rare loot, but be aware that doing so might also summon a hostile skeleton in their place. These fallen adventurers can be found in caves, the Nether, emerging from snow, and even underwater.

Bosses of Mass Destruction

bosses of mass destruction

The “Bosses of Mass Destruction” mod introduces four new bosses into the game, which can be encountered in the Overworld, Nether, and End dimensions. These bosses are the Night Lich, Nether Gauntlet, Obsidilith, and the Void Blossom. While it may not be as complex as other boss mods like Cataclysm, these bosses still offer a new challenge and exciting rewards. These rewards include the ability to access creative flight within a limited area, the capability to prevent mobs from spawning nearby, and one of the items even functions as a Reusable Ender Pearl that grants resistance after being used.

Eureka Airships

eureka airships mod

Eureka is a mod that allows you to create your own airships, providing a new way to explore the world while bringing essential supplies with you. You can design your own airship and make it fly by using multiple air balloons and a ship’s helm. You can even make these airships huge, with the option to have interiors. Additionally, you can create ships that sail on water or repurpose a shipwreck that you come across. Any blocks you place will travel with you, such as chests, furnaces, and beds, essentially giving you a portable base to take anywhere.

Panda’s Falling Trees

pandas falling tree

When chopping down a tree with Panda’s Falling Trees installed, the trees will now fall realistically. This effect is similar to what is seen with the Dynamic Trees mod, except that the trees will retain their vanilla appearance and you will obtain all the logs and other drops. You can even use this on Jungle trees, and it helps a lot with obtaining large amounts of wood quickly.



After getting an Elytra, you can upgrade it to a pair of Wings in the Icarus mod. There are various styles and colors available, such as mechanical, feathered, or Dragon Wings. Wings are a significant improvement over the Elytra because they don’t need Firework Rockets to gain momentum and are easier to control. They also look really cool. However, they consume a lot of hunger and your flying speed is affected by the amount of armor you have equipped.

Ping Wheel

ping wheel

If you’re playing with friends, you might want to try out the Ping Wheel mod. When pressing a key bind, which in my case is the mouse side button, you can ping a location, and it will be displayed to all players while also showing the distance. You can also ping items if they’re on the ground, and their icon will be displayed, too. When holding Left ALT, you can see the player’s name who created a ping.



The Amendments mod is a Vanilla-plus style mod that introduces various changes. With this mod, Cauldrons can now hold any liquids, mix potions and dyes, and boil water. Lanterns have also been enhanced to have a new appearance when held and can be placed on the sides of blocks. Mob Skulls are now stackable, and Candles can be placed on them for decoration. Additionally, there are several other changes such as the ability to carpet stairs, improved Jukebox models that show the disc being played, and physics and appearance improvements for Hanging Signs.

Barrows Brothers

barrows brothers

If you’re a fan of Runescape, you’ll love this mod that adds the Barrows Brothers accessible through a Portal. The portal takes you to the Swamps of Morytania, where you can enter the crypts of the brothers. You’ll summon and fight each brother before facing Ahrim, the final brother. After defeating Ahrim, you can open the Chest to claim various rewards. You can run Barrows multiple times to obtain the brothers’ powerful equipment and weapons.

New Shield Variants

new shield variants

After installing the New Shield Variants mod, you can obtain new Shields. These include Shields made from various vanilla materials such as Stone, all the way up to Netherite. There are also six Shields that have special effects: Ender, Blaze, Fire Charge, TNT, Dragon, and Shulker Shield. When a target strikes a Blaze Shield, they will be set on fire. The Fire Charge Shield will fire a projectile at enemies, and the Shulker Shield will allow you to levitate while blocking. However, these effect Shields may be considered immersion-breaking.

Travelers Titles

travellers titles

When traveling between Biomes and Dimensions in Minecraft, some titles will pop up on the screen, like you’ve just discovered a new area, thanks to the Travelers Titles mod. The mod is also compatible with biomes and dimensions from other mods, and while it’s a small change, it makes an immersive impact.

Mythic Mounts

mythic mounts

Mythic Mounts adds fourteen new animals to Minecraft that can be tamed and ridden. These include the Dire Wolf, Nether Bat, Courier Bird, Griffon, and Moth, among others. When tamed, they can be equipped with a saddle, and some will even defend you during combat. Some creatures, like the Archelon, can also travel underwater. Each mount has its own stats and can be bred with specific items. The mod also includes the ability to make them sit, have them equipped with Horse Armor, be petted, and even have chests equipped to them for additional inventory storage.

Dragon Wyrms


The Dragon Wyrms mod introduces new mythical creatures that can be found in the Nether and End, making these locations more dangerous to explore. One of these creatures is the Ender Wyrm, which has fifty health and shoots projectiles at the player. These projectiles can be blocked with a Shield. When defeated, the Ender Wyrm drops items like Dragon Breath. In the Nether, you’ll encounter the Red Wyrm, which has 40 health. These creatures shoot Fire Breath at the player and can drop items such as Magma Blocks and Blaze Powder.

Advanced Compass

advanced compass

The Advanced Compass mod adds a compass to the top of your screen as a HUD element. You can configure it to appear when you’re holding a compass as well. The mod is highly customizable, allowing you to display coordinates and show nearby mobs along with their distance from you. Additionally, you can create your own custom waypoints that will be displayed on the compass to help you navigate and avoid getting lost.

Arcane Abilities

arcane abilities

Arcane Abilities is an expansion of the Relics mod, introducing new Relics that can be found in a large underground dungeon. Exploring the dungeon thoroughly will take some time. Some of the new relics include the Shadow Lantern, which can make nearby enemies glow, the Stellar Necklace that grants a brief flying ability, and the Icy Ring, with frozen-themed abilities like firing projectiles. Using Relics earns you Skill Points, which can be used in a talent tree to unlock new abilities beneficial for activities such as mining and combat.

Combat Roll

combat roll

After installing Combat Roll, you’ll see a small icon to the right side of your hot bar, indicating that you can roll. The key bind is configurable, and there’s a four second cool down between rolls, with you being able to do it in any direction. And it’s going to be useful with mods that add bosses, or intense fighting.



“Roamers will add player-like characters into your world. You can observe them trying to survive and build, similar to you. Over time, they will engage in activities like hunting animals, cooking food, chopping down trees, and replanting saplings to collect wood. Eventually, they will build their own home after gathering materials, clearing an area, and they can even have babies to help with chores. You can also build a relationship with roamers by giving them gifts, and they can defend you in combat. Roamers have different themes depending on their biome, and there are a few other noteworthy features as well.”

Mine & Slash

mine and slash

To experience a major transformation in Minecraft mechanics, you should try Mine and Slash. This mod turns Minecraft into a game similar to Diablo. In this mod, you gain experience levels by defeating enemies, and they drop various items that you can use. By earning points, you can level up your abilities, which fall into different classes such as Necromancy, Bard, and Mage. Additionally, there’s a large talent tree to progress through, enhancing gameplay and your abilities even further. The items you obtain will have different rarities and usage requirements. As you move away from the spawn point, the enemies will become stronger and more difficult to defeat.



I’ve always really enjoyed using the Terralith biome mod. It completely overhauls the Overworld by adding over one hundred new biomes while revamping all the Vanilla ones, without introducing any new blocks. Some of the new biomes include the Arid Highlands, Blooming Valley, Desert Oasis, Orchid Swamp, and Stony River. The mod brings changes everywhere, offering tons of new locations to match any builds you want to create. You’ll see new cliffs, canyons, volcanoes, rivers, and more all over the world. There are also new biomes underground, such as the Jungle Cave.



Here’s the revised version of the text you provided:

Another helpful mod for exploration is the Paragliders mod, inspired by Zelda Breath of the Wild. It allows you to travel long distances without taking fall damage. The mod features two different Paragliders and also includes an optional Zelda-like stamina system, which can be disabled if desired. While holding a Paraglider, you can gain momentum by being over a campfire, or you can find wind particles that will catch you. Additionally, the mod includes Vessels, which can be used to increase your maximum health and stamina.

Map Atlases

map atlas

A new mod introduces the Atlas, which can be crafted from a Book, a Map, and a Slime Ball or a Honey Bottle. When you hold the Atlas, it looks like a regular map, but it can be opened to view all the areas you’ve discovered and place pins for areas you want to remember. When the Atlas is in the hotbar, it becomes a minimap displaying your coordinates. It also has added compatibility with other mods and can be displayed inside a Lectern.

Born in Chaos

born in chaos

Born in Chaos introduces a variety of new creatures to your world, some of which are undead or of spirit origin. In addition to new variants of Skeletons and Zombies, you’ll encounter entirely new creatures like Restless Spirits and Bloat Flies. Notably, the mod includes mini-bosses such as Sir Pumpkinhead, the Missionary, and the Skeletal Thrasher. Defeating these bosses allows you to obtain new items like the Fel Lamp, which lets you summon your own steed. The mod also features an intimidating enemy called the Nightmare Stalker, who will begin stalking you after the third day.

Fantasy Furniture

fantasy furniture

Fantasy Furniture introduces over two hundred new decorative and functional blocks to the game, making it perfect for your RPG pack. All the items in the mod can be crafted using Stone, Clay, and Wood at the Furniture Station. This furniture is available in various themes such as Wither, Royal, Nordic, and Necrolord. The mod includes Beds, Wardrobes, Tables, Chairs, Counter Tops, Chandeliers, as well as other decorative items like Candles, Bottles, and Mushrooms.

Sophisticated Backpacks

sophisticated backpacks

I’d like to bring your attention to a Backpack mod called Sophisticated Backpacks. These backpacks are shown on the player’s back and come in various tiers, each offering different storage capacities. They can be upgraded in numerous ways, such as incorporating a built-in Crafting Table and Furnace, the ability to carry fluids, and even a built-in Magnet to collect ground items or automatically feed you from items stored inside.