How to Ride a Strider in Minecraft

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Minecraft 1.16 brought a huge update to the Nether, with new biomes, structures and mobs. One of these new creatures is the passive Strider, who are able to patrol the Nethers lava lakes.

Players may be interested in taming and riding a Strider, as doing so allows you to travel on lava within the Nether. So exploring the dimension is going to be easier, and searching for Nether Fortress’ or Bastion Remnants should be quicker.

For this guide, you’ll require: 1 Saddle, 1 Fishing Rod, 1 Warped Fungus and survival equipment to search the Nether until a Strider is found.

Find a Strider

Striders can be found all throughout the Nether, as they’re able to spawn in every Biome. Although they do have a few spawn conditions that need to be met.

a strider
Strider in the Nether

Firstly, a Strider can only spawn above Lava, with them having at least 3 blocks of air above. They are affected by the spawn cap, and share it with the likes of Hoglins, so you might need to search sparsely populated areas.

Get a Warped Fungus on a Stick

Striders are a lot like Pigs, in the way that they can’t passively be controlled. Pigs require a Carrot on a Stick, and the Strider requires a Warped Fungus on a Stick.

Warped Fungus on a Stick Recipe
Warped Fungus on a Stick Recipe

These can easily be created by combining a Fishing Rod and a Warped Fungus in a Crafting Table. The easiest way to obtain a Warped Fungus is to go into the Warped Forest Biome in the Nether, and pick the flora that looks like a Green Mushroom.

Fishing Rods can be crafted from 3 Sticks and 2 Feathers. Although you might commonly find them in Chests within the Overworld. Once you have your Warped Fungus on a Stick, go back to your Strider.

Ride the Strider

Find a Strider, and right click it while holding a Saddle. Similar to a tamed Horse, the Saddle will be equipped onto the Strider straight away. Then, you’ll be able to mount and sit on them.

Player Riding a Strider
Player Riding a Strider

With Striders mostly being found in lava, getting close enough to mount them may be dangerous. Bring non-flammable blocks like Cobblestone and Gravel, to allow you to get close enough.

Remember, the only way to control a Strider is by holding the Warped Fungus on a Stick. This can be in either your main-hand or off-hand slot. To get the Strider to stop moving, stop holding the Warped Fungus on a Stick.