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Llamas are neutral mobs in Minecraft, which where added during the Minecraft 1.11 update on Java Edition. You’ll mostly find them spawning in both Savanna and Mountain Biomes, often in herds of 4 to 6 Llamas.

There is some uniqueness to them too, as Llamas have different coat variations, as there’s a few different colors they can spawn with which consist of Brown, White, Gray and Cream.

Alternatively, you can find Llamas when the Wandering Trader spawns, as it will always have two leashed Llamas alongside it. With the vanilla settings, only 10% of all Llamas will spawn as babies.

What do Llamas Drop

Llamas don’t offer any unique drops. They’ll occasionally drop Leather, which can range from 0-2 Leather. Though if you have the Looting 3 Enchantment, this can be taken up to 5.

If a Llama is equipped with Carpets on their back, then they’ll also drop them. Llamas can be provided with inventories, and will drop anything inside.

How to Ride & Control Llamas

Even though Llamas themselves can be tamed, they can’t be mounted or controlled by the player without the use of mods. For that reason, there’s also no way to control them unless you have them on a lead.

If you do place a Llama on a lead, then other Llamas in a nearby radius will follow along, forming a Caravan. Caravans have a maximum amount of Llamas, which is 9. But if you leash up another Llama, you can double the Caravan size.

How to Store Items Inside Llamas

Llamas in Minecraft are unique as they can be equipped with a Chest, allowing you to easily transport items throughout your world. To store items inside of Llamas, you should right click them with a Chest.

The number of inventory slots is decided by the strength value of the Llama, allowing you to have 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 slots in total. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to retrieve the Chest from a Llama without killing it.

How to Tame Llamas

Just like Horses, you can tame Llamas be repetitively mounting them until they no longer throw you off, and hearts are displayed. It might take a few attempts, as they have a trait called Temper which determines their riding success rate. The easiest way to increase Temper would be to feed them.

Compared to other mobs, if you harm a tamed Llama, it will still retaliate and attack you back. Any Llamas that you find accompanying the Wandering Trader can’t be tamed.

How to Breed Llamas

You can’t breed wild Llamas, you’ll need to tame them first by following the previous steps. So this won’t work with the Wandering Trader.

To begin the breeding process, you’ll need to feed two different Llamas Hay Bales. The Baby Llama will then be created, and will take the appearance randomly of one of its parents.

It’s possible to increase the speed of a Baby Llamas growth, which can be done by feeding it either Wheat or Hay Bales. Wheat will increase Growth Speed by 10 seconds, and Hay Bales increase it by 1 minute and 30 seconds.

How to Heal Llamas

Llamas can be healed by feeding them either Wheat or Hay Bales. Feeding it Wheat will heal 2 health, and Hay Bales will heal them to 10 health instead.