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Foxes are passive mobs in Minecraft, which where added during the Minecraft 1.14 update on Java Edition. They are passive mobs who will often sleep during the day, and become active at night meaning that they’re nocturnal.

You can find Foxes spawning in Taiga Biomes, including the Snowy Taiga and Green Tree Taiga variants. Although if you hang around near Villages during the night, you’ll find Foxes entering villages to search for food.

When they spawn, they’ll often be in groups between 2 and four. Depending on the biome they’ll spawn in, the color of their coat will also be different. In temperate biomes, they’ll be orange, and in colder biomes, they’ll be white.

What do Foxes Drop

Foxes don’t have any special drops, other than experience. Although if a Fox was carrying something in its mouth at the time of death, it will drop that item instead. One interesting mechanic is that if a fox dies with a Totem of Undying in its mouth, then it will consume the totem, causing the Fox to revive itself.

How to Tame Foxes

Foxes can’t be tamed in the sense like Horses and Wolves can, instead they have a mechanic called Trust. Currently, the only way to have a Fox trust you is for it to be bred by the player.

This involves causing 2 adult foxes to breed, and the baby they produce will trust you and not run away on sight. A fox that trusts you won’t necessarily follow you either, so it’s a good idea to either place trusted Foxes on a lead, or inside a fenced enclosure.

Baby Foxes will still follow adult foxes, so if you don’t want to lose a trusted fox, you’ll want to bring it back to your base away from adults. If a mob attacks a trusted player, then the Fox will come to your aid and attack that mob, which includes Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders and more.

How to Make Foxes Hold Items

Foxes are able to pickup items and hold them in their mouth. They can pickup any items that the player can, though they do have a preference for food items, and they’ll eventually consume that food.

The easiest way to have a Fox hold something is to simply drop it on the ground nearby until it picks it up. If the Fox finds items like Sweet Berries or food instead, it will drop the item in its mouth to focus on food.

Foxes will also receive the effects of the item it is currently holding. Some examples include the Fox teleporting after consuming a Chorus Fruit, reviving itself with a Totem of Undying or even receive the Enchantments that are applied to the Sword in its mouth.

How to Make a Fox Sit

With Foxes being nocturnal, they like to sleep during the day. If a Fox can’t find a shaded area to sleep in, then it will occasionally sit down to rest, before jumping up again to search for shade.

How to Breed Foxes

Breeding Foxes might prove difficult in Minecraft, as they’ll often flee from the player. If you can get in range of two Foxes, you can feed them either Sweet Berries or Glow Berries, which will cause them to go into love mode and create a baby.

As mentioned above, baby Foxes will trust the player and won’t flee from them. It’s a good idea to keep your Foxes inside an enclosure.