Iron Chests Mod Guide

Iron Chests overhauls storage in Minecraft, offering new solutions!

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Minecraft ModsIron Chests Mod Guide

Iron Chests is one of Minecrafts most popular mods, completely expanding on the storage system. Depending on the version of Minecraft you’re playing on, you’ll find that it offers different tiers to Chests.

Each Chest, Recipe & Slots

This section will cover each Chest, what their recipe is, and how many slots they have in Minecraft.

Iron Chest

To get started with the mod, you should craft an Iron Chest. It can be created by placing a regular Chest inside of a Crafting Table, and surrounding it with 8 Iron Ingots. The Iron Chest provides 54 slots.

Gold Chests

Now that you have Iron Chests, you are able to upgrade them to Gold Chests instead. You can do so by surrounding an Iron Chest with Gold Ingots inside of a Crafting Table. Gold Chests will provide you with 81 storage slots instead.

Diamond Chests

Next up is the Diamond Chest. By placing a Gold Chest in the centre slot of a Crafting Table, you can wrap it in any Glass blocks, as well as 2 Diamonds, following the recipe below. It provides the most amount of storage, giving 108 slots inside.

Crystal Chests

If you wrap a Diamond Chest in Glass blocks, then it will be turned into a Crystal Chest instead. It doesn’t have any increased inventory space, still offering 108 slots. However the biggest change is that it will be transparent, and you can see some of the items inside without having to open the Chest itself.

Obsidian Chests

There’s also the Obsidian Chest, which too can be upgraded from the Diamond Chest. Once again, it doesn’t offer an increase in inventory slots, but instead it will be blast resistant. Meaning that if Creepers get into your base, or somebody decides to grief, your Obsidian Chests and it’s contents will remain secure.


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