How to Get Paper in Minecraft

Chest Loot

Chest Loot are chests which naturally spawn throughout the Minecraft world. There are 3 locations which have chests where Paper might spawn:

  1. Shipwrecks: Up to 12 Paper per chest, with a chance as high as 90%.
  2. Stronghold: Inside Libraries, you can find up to 7 Paper with a 90% chance.
  3. Village: Search a Cartographer’s chest to find up to 5 Paper with a 60% chance.


Paper can easily be crafted in Minecraft by placing 3 Sugar Cane in the bottom row of a Crafting Table. For every 3 pieces of Sugar Cane, you will receive 3 pieces of Paper.

paper recipe
Recipe for Paper

Sugar Canes are easily obtainable throughout the Minecraft Overworld. They will typically spawn on sand, alongside water where they grow. You can also plant Sugar Cane of your own to create a farm.


If you complete and win a Villager Raid in Minecraft, you will receive the ‘Hero of the Village’ buff. With this buff, some Villagers will occasionally give gifts to the player. The Cartographer has a chance of giving Paper as a gift,

Uses for Paper in Minecraft

Paper has many uses as a Crafting Ingredient. These include Banner Patterns, Books, Cartography Tables, Empty Maps and Fireworks.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Paper can be placed inside of an Anvil. Place 8 Paper alongside a Map or Locator Map and you will receive a zoomed out version of the inputted map.

Paper Item IDs & Data Values

Java Edition

NameNamespaced IDTranslation Key

Bedrock Edition

NameNamespaced IDTranslation KeyNumeric ID