How to Start a Pillager Raid

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Pillagers are hostile mobs in Minecraft, with them most commonly being found near Pillager Outposts. Though you can also find them patrolling the world, looking for players and Villages to attack.

That’s right, Pillagers will even attack a Village, and they’ll do so in the form of a raid. When that happens, multiple waves will spawn, attacking a Village one after the other, which the player can help defend.

How to Start a Pillager Raid

To start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft, you’ll need to find a Pillager Outpost. There, you should look for the Pillager Captain (also known as a Raid Captain), who can easily be identified as they have a Banner on their back.

Pillager Captain in Minecraft
A Pillager Captain

Be quick, as Pillagers will attack you on sight, you can’t just fight one at a time. Usually, a Captain will spawn at every Outpost, but not always. They can also be found roaming with Pillagers while on patrols.

After killing a Raid Captain, you’ll receive the Bad Omen effect. There’s no set duration for this effect, it will remain on your character until removed with conventional methods, such as drinking Milk or dying.

bad omen effect
Player With the Bad Omen Effect

When the Bad Omen Effect is active, you can enter any Village, and a Pillager Raid will start. If you don’t want a raid to take place, then consider removing it, as it’s a dangerous effect to carry.

About Pillager Raids

When a Pillager Raid starts, nearby Villagers will run to the nearest Bell to warn eachother. Then, they’ll run indoors to protect themselves. Multiple waves of a Raid will happen, with them progressively getting more difficult.

Iron Golem Defending a Village
Iron Golem Defending a Village

To stay safe during a Raid, some tips are to get to higher ground with a Bow and Arrows, or create multiple Iron Golems, who’ll all come to the defense of a Village. Once a Raid has started, there’s no way of stopping it.

Different types of Illagers will spawn, with Pillagers, Vindicators and Ravagers all coming to attack a Village. If there are Pillagers remaining which you can’t find, try ringing the Village Bell, as this will cause them to glow.

Completing a Raid will reward the player with the ‘Hero of the Village’ effect. Villagers will set off Fireworks, they’ll give gifts to the player and trade prices will be reduced for the next 40 minutes, which is how long the effect lasts.