How to Repair a Trident

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The Trident is one of the best weapons currently available in Minecraft, as it can be used for both melee and ranged combat. However, it’s also very hard to obtain and mostly comes down to luck.

If a Trident breaks, you’re going to have to spend a long time searching for a new one. This guide will cover how you can prevent that from happening, with multiple methods for repairing the Trident.

How to Get a Trident

The only way of obtaining a Trident in Vanilla Minecraft is by killing Drowned. Drowned have a minimal chance of spawning with the Trident. And even if they do, they have an even smaller chance of dropping it.

Drowned Holding a Trident
Drowned Holding a Trident

In most cases, a Trident dropped by Drowned will already be damaged. With how rare a Trident is, you will want to repair it once its durability drops. The durability will decrease each time the Trident deals damage (either through melee or ranged).

How to Repair the Trident

There are a few ways of repairing a Trident in Minecraft. Your first option is to combine two damaged Tridents inside a Crafting Table, which will combine them, restoring a portion of the durability. However, doing so will remove any Enchantments you have, so this method isn’t suitable if you have the likes of Loyalty, Riptide, or Channeling.

crafting table tridents
Repairing a Trident in a Crafting Table

Two damaged Tridents can also be placed in the Grindstone to combine them. Though again, any Enchantments will be removed except the Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding.

The final, and best method of repairing a Trident is to place 2 of them inside an Anvil. They’ll be combined, repaired and any Enchantments will be preserved. However, there is going to be a small cost when it comes to experience.

Anvils can be crafted from Iron Blocks and Iron Ingots, and they’re relatively expensive. If you don’t have access to an Anvil, try looking for a Woodland Mansion, as a Damaged Anvil can spawn inside the Forge room.

Mending Enchantment

If you don’t have access to a second Trident and don’t want to use cheats, then you can try using the Mending Enchantment. It’s a Treasure Enchantment, meaning that it can only be obtained from Fishing, Raids, Trading Librarians, Jungle Temples, Strongholds and Ancient Cities.

minecraft jungle temple
Jungle Temple

Mending can be acquired in its book form, then applied to a Trident inside an Anvil. When having a Mending Trident, picking up experience orbs will convert some of them to durability, allowing items to repair themselves over time.

Repair a Trident With Commands

For newer versions of Minecraft (1.13+), a command can be executed to repair the Trident, or any other item. Drop a damaged Trident nearby on the ground, then copy and paste the command below.

/data merge entity @e[type=item,distance=..3,nbt={Item:{id:"minecraft:trident"}},limit=1] {Item:{tag:{Damage:0}}}

When you pick the Trident up again, the durability will be restored, and it will be repaired. To use this command on any other items, change the ‘minecraft:trident’ tag to anything else. Any Enchantments will also be retained by using this method.