How to Make a Lightning Trident

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The Trident is a very powerful weapon in Minecraft, even without any Enchantments. But with a few improvements, the Trident can be changed so that it strikes lightning onto hit targets, dealing massive amounts of damage.

How to Make Tridents Strike Lightning

To make a Lightning Trident in Minecraft, a Trident will need to be equipped with the Channeling Enchantment. By placing a Trident inside an Enchanting Table, there’s a chance that you’ll receive Channeling. There’s only 1 level to Channeling.

Trident in an Enchanting Table
Enchanting a Trident

Although of all your options, obtaining Channeling is the rarest, and Loyalty is the most common. It’s also possible to obtain Channeling in its book form from Raids, Fishing, Minecart Chests, Dungeon Chests, and by trading with Librarian Villagers.

When the Enchantment is applied, any time the Trident strikes a mob, it will be struck by lightning and set on fire. This effect is only able to happen during a thunderstorm, which is a randomly occurring weather event.

You’ll know when a thunderstorm is happening, as it will be raining, you’ll hear thunder and occasionally see bolts of lightning. Mobs will only be struck by lightning if they are exposed to the sky. Other players can also be struck by lightning. Or yourself if hit by your own Trident (such as launching it directly into the sky).

It’s worth noting that Channeling is incompatible with the Riptide Enchantment, which allows players to fly. It’s impossible to receive Channeling if Riptide is already applied in an Enchanting Table.

Tips for the Lightning Trident

If fighting other players on a server, using a Lightning Trident is a surefire way to win most fights, due to the amount of damage dealt when struck by lightning. Make sure to combine it with the Loyalty Enchantment too, so that the Trident returns to you after striking a target.

A Charged Creeper
A Charged Creeper

There are some other interesting use-cases. Hitting a Creeper with a Lightning Trident will turn it into a Charged Creeper, which has a larger explosion radius. Villages can be turned into Witches, Pigs into Zombified Piglins and Mooshrooms into a different color.

Lightning Strikes from a Trident can strike a Lightning Rod, allowing it to emit a Redstone Signal. If you want to use this Enchantment but can’t get a thunderstorm, use the command /weather thunder

The Surge Protector Advancement can be unlocked by striking a Lightning Rod with the Trident. Whereas the Very Very Frightening Advancement can be unlocked by striking a Villager with lightning.