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The Trident is a very unique weapon in Minecraft, as it can be used in both a melee and ranged form. Although this weapon really shines when it comes to Enchantments, which allow it to summon lightning, return to the player when thrown or even allow players to fly.

As the Trident is so powerful, it’s also rare to find and unlock. This guide will cover how you can get a Trident, whether it be by mob drops or through crafting.

Find a Trident from Drowned

In Vanilla Minecraft, the only way to obtain a Trident is by killing Drowned. These are underwater versions of Zombies that can be found spawning in Ocean and River Biomes, and they’re hostile.

The easiest way to find Drowned is by exploring at night, as they spawn when the light level is 0. Alternatively, they can be found naturally spawning in Ocean Ruins, which can be found with the locate command.

Drowned with a Trident in Minecraft
Drowned Carrying a Trident

Each time a Drowned spawns, there’s a chance for it to be carrying a Trident. On Minecraft Java Edition, this chance is 6.25%, while on Bedrock Edition, it’s 15%.

When killing a Drowned, they have a chance of dropping the Trident. Sadly, the chances are low as Drowned firstly have to spawn with a Trident, then they have just an 8.5% chance of dropping it, making it a rare drop. Each level of the ‘Looting’ Enchantment will increase the drop chance by 1%.

How to Craft a Trident

If you’re playing Vanilla Minecraft, there’s sadly no recipe for the Trident currently available. However, there’s always the option to install mods or addons, depending on whether you’re playing Minecraft Java or Bedrock Edition.

One popular choice would be NoCube’s Sea Dwellers. This mod allows players to obtain a Broken Trident by trading with Mermorphs, which can then be repaired using Prismarine Shards. Or there are options like Better Tridents, which gives them their Better Tridents, which provides them with their own recipe.

List of Enchantments

In Java Edition, a Trident that’s held by a Drowned has a chance of being Enchanted. Although these effects won’t activate for the Drowned, only for players. Later on, other Enchantments can be applied through the Enchanting Table or Anvil, including:

  • Loyalty: After throwing a Trident, it will bounce off a block or entity and return to the player. Each time this effect happens, the durability will be slightly decreased.
  • Riptide: When thrown, the player will launch with the Trident, essentially allowing them to fly. This Enchantment only works if it’s raining, or if the player is already standing in water.
  • Channeling: After hitting an entity, the Trident will summon a bolt of lightning at its location. Again, this effect will only take place during a thunderstorm instead.