How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

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The Woodland Mansion is always a surprising and rewarding experience when you find it in any Minecraft world. Early-game explorers brave enough to fight evokers and vindicators without end-game armor are likely to get rewards such as the Totem of Undying, Diamond Armor, and Enchanted Books. 

But only the occasional Steve and Alex are brave (or patient) enough to travel more than the required 10,000 blocks to reach this structure. After all, most of us build near spawn, and traveling away from it is often a hassle. 

The Woodland Mansion
The Woodland Mansion

If you’re up for a challenge, you can use our guide below to find the Woodland Mansion easily, without maps or seed hacks. Get your armor polished, Elytra mended, and your horse ready because it’s going to be a long trip.

How to Find the Woodland Mansion

Raiding a Woodland Mansion requires at least a complete set of Iron Armor and weapons, a Shield, and lots of food. Optionally, you can bring a Bed to set a new spawn point, just in case you die at the Woodland Mansion.

1: Get a Woodland Explorer Map

First and foremost, find and secure a Cartographer Villager, and leave a Cartography Table nearby so he can replenish his stock. Repeatedly trade with the Cartographer until it reaches the Journeyman level or until you see a Woodland Explorer map in the trades, which costs 12 Emeralds and a Compass.

buying the woodland explorer map
Woodland Explorer Map

Tip: The fastest way to earn Emeralds in the early game is to farm Sugar Cane and craft Paper. You can cook Sand for Glass Panes when it is available to expedite the process.

2: Navigating the Woodland Explorer Map

Once you get the Woodland Explorer Map, you must learn how to use it first. And here’s the bad news, it’s not as intuitive as the traditional map or the minimap mod. The white dot represents you and your distance on the map, while the hut is the location of the woodland mansion.

holding the Woodland Explorer map
Looking at the Map

In this example, the white dot is on the bottom left corner of the map. The player must travel North East to get to the Woodland Mansion. Press F3 and find the “Facing” option to know where your character is facing. You can also try a crazy alternative by blindly walking in a random direction until the dot starts to move. 

Take note that Woodland Mansions generate thousands of blocks away from the spawn. Don’t be impatient if the white dot tends to move slowly. Once your dot is moving, just floor it! An Elytra would also be very useful.

How to Use the Woodland Explorer Map

The Woodland Explorer Map doesn’t work like a traditional Minecraft Map, in which the dot doesn’t mirror the player’s movement and location. Instead, it only moves on the map edges in an up-down, left-right linear direction as you move.

But what if the dot does not move even if your character is already traveling? This means that you’re facing the wrong direction and should backtrack or adjust your path until the dot moves. Traveling with F3 is recommended to avoid changing your direction accidentally. 

The white dot will increase in size once your character is at least 1027 blocks away from the map’s border. However, it will shrink back if you go beyond that 1027-block radius. 

And at last, the woodland explorer map will generate the terrain like a normal map if your character is actually in any location inside the 512×512 map area. Once inside the map’s vicinity, your dot will correspond to your movement in-game (not just on the map edges). 

You would also be able to see the Dark Forest Biome, an indicator that the Woodland Mansion is less than 1,000 blocks away. Now that your dot corresponds to your movement in the game, you can finally navigate easily toward the Woodland Mansion.

Finding a Woodland Mansion with Commands

Is there a more straightforward method to locate the Woodland Mansion without a mod pack or a special Minecraft seed? The answer is yes!

You can use the /locate command to give the coordinates of the Mansion. In-game, simply enter the command /locate minecraft:mansion, or on later versions of Minecraft, it’s /locate structure minecraft:mansion

This command is only available on single-player worlds because you can use locate by enabling cheats or doing the “enable LAN” bypass.