How to Find a Pillager Outpost

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Pillager Outpost is where Pillagers reside in Minecraft. It’s a small tower, and contains different creatures that are in prison like Allays and Iron Golems.

Players will need to visit a Pillager Outpost at some point in Minecraft, as it’s the only place to obtain the ‘Bad Omen’ effect, which can begin a raid on a Village. Sadly, Pillager Outposts aren’t too easy to find.

Natural Generation

One of the easiest ways to find a Pillager Outpost is through standard world generation and exploring. On average, a Pillager Outpost will spawn around once per thousand blocks. Though they can still spawn a few hundred blocks apart too.

minecraft pillager outpost
Naturally Generating Pillager Outpost

That makes them more rare to find than Villages, but a lot more common than Woodland Mansions, which generate thousands of blocks apart.

Pillager Outposts can be generated in any Biome that a Village can. So that includes the Plains, Desert, Taiga, Savanna, Taiga, Snowy Plains, Snowy Taiga, Sunflower Plains and Meadow. Make sure to explore within these Biomes.

There are a few non-Village Biomes they can spawn in too, including the Grove, Snowy Slopes, Jagged Peaks, Frozen Peaks and Stony Peaks. If you’re playing Minecraft Java Edition, Outposts will never spawn too close to a Village.

Whereas on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, they can spawn both far and close to a Village. To find a Pillager Outpost, try equipped an Elytra with Firework Rockets, then fly around your world.

Locate Command

By using the ‘locate’ command, players can quickly find and teleport to a Pillager Outpost within seconds. Though this does involve cheats, so this may not be suitable to all players.

In the chat box, enter the following command: /locate minecraft:pillager_outpost – If you’re on Minecraft 1.19 and above, then the command is slightly different. Instead, you might have to use the /locate structure minecraft:pillager_outpost command.

Opening to LAN with Cheats Enabled
Opening to LAN with Cheats Enabled

Players will need to have cheats enabled in their world/server to use this command. If you’re on a single-player world, simple go to the in-game menu, press ‘Open to Lan’ and ensure ‘Allow Cheats’ is set to ON.

Pillager Outpost Finder

Some tools exist online which allow you to locate a Pillager Outpost in your own world. One example is the Pillager Outpost Finder by ChunkBase. There’s two ways of finding an Outpost with this tool.

The first is by inputting your Minecraft Seed. This can be obtained in-game by using the /seed command, and manually entering it. Or you can use the ‘Load From Save’ button, so you can have the tool load your world.

On the grid, small circles will indicate the locations of Pillager Outposts. Simply hover over them to see the chunks and coordinates, and head to that location in Minecraft.