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Ukraine is a country located in Eastern-Europe, with it being the second largest country in Europe overall. With a population of over 40 million people, it’s very large in size too.

Sadly, Ukraine has been in conflict countless times. So some Minecraft players might want to show support to Ukraine by creating a Flag Banner. This guide will cover creating a vertical Ukraine Flag in Minecraft, using a Loom.

Create a Loom

Like with any Banner in Minecraft, you'll need to create a Loom. Inside the Loom is where you will place a Banner, and apply different Dyes and Patterns to it.

loom recipe
Recipe for the Loom

A Loom can be crafted from 2 Planks (any) and 2 String. You should note that the Loom is a job site block, so any nearby Villagers will interact with it, causing them to be turned into Shepherd.

With it being a job site block, you also have a chance of finding it naturally spawning in a Village. So that might be useful if you haven't got any String available. Alternatively, use the command /give @s minecraft:loom

Craft the Ukraine Flag Banner

Firstly, create a Yellow Banner in Minecraft. You can do that by placing a Stick inside a Crafting Table, alongside 6 Yellow Wool.

Create a Yellow Flag

To obtain Yellow Wool, place Wool inside a Crafting Table alongside Yellow Dye. Yellow Dye can be obtained by placing either Dandelions or Sunflowers inside a Crafting Table. Once you have a Yellow Banner, place it inside a Loom.

Add Blue Dye

Next, add a Blue Dye into the Loom alongside the Yellow Banner. Blue Dye can be obtained by placing either a Lapis Lazuli or Cornflower in the Crafting Table. On the right-side of the Loom, select Blue Per Fess, and remove your Banner.

Ukraine Banner in Minecraft

That’s it. You can now place your Ukraine Banner in a location of your choosing.