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Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared in his own games, owned by SEGA. However since then, the character has appeared in multiple movies, comics and animations. The character has had a huge boost in popularity lately, with the release of some new movies.

The Sonic Banner

This guide will show you how to create a Sonic the Hedgehog Minecraft Banner. It features the face of Sonic, which is quite zoomed in.

Create a Loom

Like with any Banner in Minecraft, you'll need to create a Loom. Inside the Loom is where you will place a Banner, and apply different Dyes and Patterns to it.

loom recipe
Recipe for the Loom

A Loom can be crafted from 2 Planks (any) and 2 String. You should note that the Loom is a job site block, so any nearby Villagers will interact with it, causing them to be turned into Shepherd.

With it being a job site block, you also have a chance of finding it naturally spawning in a Village. So that might be useful if you haven't got any String available. Alternatively, use the command /give @s minecraft:loom

Craft the Sonic the Hedgehog Banner

To start, create a White Base Banner. Doing so is easy, just place a Stick inside a Crafting Table, as well as 6 White Wool. Luckily, White Wool is easily obtainable from shearing or killing Sheep, and is the most common color.

Create the White Banner

Now, take the White Banner into the Loom and add a Black Dye. To obtain Black Dye, place either a Wither Rose or Ink Sac in a Crafting Table. Inside the Loom, select the Black Roundel option.

Add a Black Roundel

Next, add a Blue Dye, which can be created by placing either a Cornflower or a Lapis Lazuli into a Crafting Table. Select the Blue Inverted Chevron option in the Loom, which will allow us to create Sonics signature blue fur.

Blue Inverted Chevron

Next, you need Orange Dye. These can be created by either placing an Orange Tulip inside a Crafting Table, or combining a Red and Yellow Dye together. Select the Orange Per Fess Inverted in the Loom, which creates Sonic’s mouth.

Orange Per Fess Inverted

With another Black Dye, select Black Chevron in the Loom. This will help define Sonics nose at a later point.

Black Chevron

Finally, add another Orange Dye to the Loom. From the list of patterns, select the Orange Base option. This will take away most of the black we just added, leaving a small nose-object on Sonic.

Orange Base

That will complete your Sonic the Hedgehog Banner. It can now be displayed around your world, like hanging from Blocks, or applied to your Shield.

Banner Commands

There are 2 commands available to give this Banner in Minecraft. To give yourself the Sonic the Hedgehog Banner, copy and paste the following code into the game:

/give @p minecraft:white_banner{BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[{Pattern:mc,Color:15},{Pattern:tt,Color:11},{Pattern:hhb,Color:1},{Pattern:bt,Color:15},{Pattern:bs,Color:1}]}} 1

To receive this Banner already applied to a Shield, copy and paste the following code instead:

/give @p minecraft:shield{BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[{Pattern:mc,Color:15},{Pattern:tt,Color:11},{Pattern:hhb,Color:1},{Pattern:bt,Color:15},{Pattern:bs,Color:1}],Base:0}} 1

With those commands, @p can be changed to another players name in your world, if you wish to give them the banner instead. If the command is too long to enter, try placing it inside a Command Block, and triggering it with a Button instead.