Strat’s Food Expansion

Strat’s Food Expansion brings a large overhaul to Minecraft’s food and nutrition system. It introduces new ingredients which allow you to create a variety of meals, as well as other interactive blocks to process ingredients.

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Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with Strat’s Food Expansion is by crafting the Cook Book. Inside, you can find a list of food items that can be created within the addon, as well as recipes, and short guides for getting started with mechanics such as cooking and churning.

To create the Cook Book, combine a Book and a Kitchen Knife inside a Crafting Table. Kitchen Knives can be created by combining a single Stick and an Iron Ingot. When holding the Cook Book, it can be opened, and different pages can be read.

Compared to normal Minecraft, foods that you’re normally used to like Steak and Pork will no longer replenish as much hunger. Instead, you’re expected to use the add-on to create more complex and diverse foods. While other foods, such as Bread have been removed entirely.


Cooking food, and eating it will require some new containers that are provided by Strat’s Food Expansion. These include Drinking Glasses, Glass Jars, Bowls, Paper Plates, Ceramic Plates, and Ceramic Mugs.

The slideshow above shows the recipes for these items. Though at first, you’ll create Clay Mugs and Clay Plates using Clay Balls. Take these items into a Furnace and smelt them, to turn them into their ceramic version.

Drinking Glasses can be used for colder drinks, like Juices and Smoothies. Whereas Mugs are instead used for hot drinks, such as Tea & Coffee. Plates are used in meals. However, Paper Plates can only be used once, whereas their ceramic versions can be used multiple times.

Interactive Blocks


The Churn can be created from 4 Oak Planks, 1 Stick, and 1 Oak Slab. To use the Churn, place it down in the world. Hold a Bucket of Milk, and then interact with the Churn to pour it in.

Churn Recipe
Churn Recipe

Interact with the stick on the top of the Churn to push it down. It will take a few attempts, but eventually, Butter will be dropped from the Churn. Usually, you’ll receive 2 Butter per Bucket of Milk.

Required Experiments

When creating a new world with Strat’s Food Expansion, ensure the following Experimental Features are enabled: Holiday Creator Features & Custom Biomes.

Required Experimental Features
Required Experimental Features

Please note that enabling Experimental Features can cause your world to crash. However, addons won’t function without them enabled. To enable Experimental Features, select the ‘Experiments’ tab at the bottom-left when creating a new world. 

Strat’s Food Expansion Download

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